7 Popular Marketo Integrations To Scale Your Marketing Operations

Popular Marketo Integrations - 7 Tools to Integrate with Marketo
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Nov 12, 2020
  • Updated on: Dec 15, 2022
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Marketing automation helps 76% of companies generate a notable ROI within the first year. Also, 44% of these companies report a return on investment within the first six months. 

Perhaps, this is why the spending on marketing automation platforms is expected to touch $25.1 billion annually by 2023.

Marketo Integrations - Global Marketing Automation Technology Forecast
Source: Emailmonday

But is your marketing automation system enough in itself to do so? We think, not.    

Marketo is a top-notch marketing automation system that is admired for its ability to create long-term relationships with customers and nurture them.  

“The Internet is ultimately about innovation and integration, but you don't get the innovation unless you integrate Web technology into the processes by which you run your business.” - Lou Gerstner

When you ensure Marketo integration with the right tools, expect nothing short of pure excellence. 

Let’s understand why you need to integrate Marketo with a third-party app

Your business revolves around marketing that helps you build a reputation in your target market. However, Marketo has changed forever how marketing was done in the past. The popularly known marketing automation tool not only nurtures your leads but also automates most of your marketing tasks.

Yet you might have found many pitfalls associated with the tool that don’t let it produce the best results.   

Do you often find yourself...

  • Analyzing spreadsheets for important data? 
  • Struggling with sales and marketing alignment?
  • Juggling between different systems to gather lead information? 
  • Wasting a lot of time doing manual analytics?
  • Trying to improve lead attack time?

If you answered with a ‘yes’ to all or most of these questions, then this is reason enough to centralize your processes at Marketo. When you integrate your Marketo instance with the third-party tool you want to source data from, you create a bridge between the two, enabling data transfer to and fro. 

Apart from the fact that Marketo integrations save a lot of your time, they also help you maximize the return on your marketing investments. And given a single integration does not take more than 15 minutes to complete, why not?

What kinds of applications Marketo can be integrated with?

To make the most out of Marketo, you can integrate it with software applications of various categories. 

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Online video platforms
  • Content management systems
  • Event hosting/ Conferencing tools
  • Analytics tools
  • Business communication tools
  • Online database software

Now, the everyday tools that you should integrate Marketo with and why.

1. ZoomInfo for Marketo

Average turnaround time for integration - 15 mins

A seamless ZoomInfo-Marketo integration opens a channel to an enriched database that is an inspiration for your marketing and sales personnel. 

One of the best ways to ensure a successful marketing campaign is to have access to correct information of leads in your database. Nevertheless, people tend to skip or fill in incorrect information when asked to fill a contact form, contributing to slow or low conversion rates.

This is where you need ZoomInfo FormComplete to fill the gaps. The tool helps identify misleading information and correct it, thereby not letting any bad leads move down your sales funnel.

Popular Marketo Integrations - Zoominfo
Source: Marketo

Key advantages:

  • Ensure that visitors provide their information in a limited number of form fields and don’t bounce. 
  • Procure quality leads and send them to your sales team in an instant. 
  • Collect accurate data without missing any essential information.

Another way to directly add inbound leads by their role or job title into Marketo is by configuring ZoomInfo Enrich. Maintaining data quality is easier than ever, which allows you to sell more and save time you spent looking for missing or wrong information.

Popular Marketo Integrations - Zoominfo2
Source: Marketo LaunchPoint

Key advantages: 

  • Add leads that are currently considering making a purchase to your nurture campaign list.
  • Reach out to decision-makers at target companies easily. 
  • Support lead scoring and segmentation with actionable data.

2. Salesforce for Marketo

Average turnaround time for integration - 5 mins for each sync

Connecting your marketing automation tool to a CRM like Salesforce, you empower your sales and marketing teams to become more worthwhile. Wonder how?

The moment you achieve Salesforce-Marketo integration, two-way sync happens every 5 minutes, keeping your sales team always up-to-date. Whether you add a lead in Marketo or Salesforce, it gets updated in the other system too. The two-way sync is also equally applicable for other nuances, such as contacts, accounts, campaigns, opportunities, and custom objects.

Marketo Integrations - Salesforce for Marketo
Source: Marketo docs

With real-time updations in Marketo and Salesforce, your sales and marketing teams work in alignment with each other and can bid adieu to any spreadsheet uploads, thus saving huge chunks of time.   

Key advantages:

  • Make identifying and taking leads through the sales funnel easier and faster for your sales personnel. 
  • Leverage lead scoring to track convertible leads more closely and segment them.
  • Reach important use cases and sync opportunities back to Marketo for deeper segmentation, thereby enabling closed-loop reporting.

3. Slack for Marketo

Average turnaround time for integration - 2 mins

Ain’t it so inescapably important to track your leads’ behavior to channel them through the marketing and sales funnel and make profits? And what better than doing so in real-time? 

The ‘connect’ required between marketing and sales teams of any business to ensure omnichannel customer experience optimization is often missing. Slack-Marketo integration aids both teams with real-time notifications about your target customers.

If you use Slack for communication within your team, you get instant notifications about any event in Marketo, be it interesting moments or a campaign status alert. Thus, talking to leads and engaging them at the right time becomes easier.

Popular Marketo Integrations - Slack
Source: Marketo docs

Key advantages:

  • Your potential buyers expect an immediate response to their query. That’s exactly what the Slack-Marketo integration lets you achieve, thereby providing you a competitive advantage.
  • Bringing Marketo instance notifications into your workflow through Slack, you align your sales and marketing people which is essential for effectively optimizing customer experiences across multiple channels.
  • Simplify the system administrator’s job with a campaign issue or system alert that may affect an existing campaign.

4. GoToWebinar for Marketo

Average turnaround time for integration - 15 mins

GoToWebinar has a reputation for its ability to generate qualified leads. GoToWebinar-Marketo integration helps you automate your online events and enables you to track those leads’ status as members of an event. Creating an event allows you to see the registration and attendance information in both systems.

Once your Marketo instance is connected with GoToWebinar, it handles the registrations and pushes the information thus captured (first name, last name, and email address) into GoToWebinar. When the event is over, you can pull back attendees’ data into Marketo.

GoToWebinar for Marketo
Source: Marketo docs

#Note: Your GoToWebinar data such as webinar name and description can take up to 48 hours to sync in Marketo.  

Key advantages:

  • No need to spend time manually downloading the registration list from GoToWebinar and uploading it into the Marketo instance. Automate the process with GoToWebinar-Marketo integration, and rather, direct your efforts on sending customized emails to leads and building smart lists. 
  • Use built-in Marketo email templates to send event reminders to potential attendees. You can tailor the confirmation email message for each participant based on the follow-up communications happening in Marketo.  
  • Leverage Marketo’s program reporting feature to track the number of registrations and the number of attendees who were successful. 

Pro tip: Pick each webinar’s name wisely and add date and time along with it, for you should be able to find it easily in Marketo, especially when you have frequent webinars in the pipeline.

5.Google Sheets for Marketo

Average turnaround time for integration - 2 mins

Some marketers know how the process of automation works, others don’t. Yet others don’t have complete access to a marketing automation platform. However, every marketer knows how to update a spreadsheet when needed. How about you continue to do so while the data added to the spreadsheet automatically gets transferred to your Marketo instance?

When Marketo can talk to Google Sheets, it gets updated automatically with the leads you add in Google Spreadsheets. Hence, it enables you to automate your marketing and sales processes, including targeting leads and nurturing them.

Key advantages:

  • When there is an update in Google Spreadsheets, the workflows get triggered automatically in Marketo, saving you time for other important things.
  • Easily retrieve data from Marketo into Google Sheets leveraging the API server that allows the sheet to periodically execute the query.

6.Google Analytics for Marketo

Average turnaround time for integration - 2 mins

Understanding how various target markets engage with your marketing content is a breeze with Google Analytics-Marketo integration. Thus, you can ensure more personalized content that resonates with your audience and earns your loyal customers.

Introduce tracking links to your marketing campaigns to analyze how visitors interact with your website once they reach there through a campaign. View the number of conversions and the source of visitors to channelize your content accordingly.

Marketo Integrations - Google Analytics
Source: Slideshare

Measure the overall success of your campaigns while you can also import data such as user’s persona and firmographics from Marketo to Google Analytics.

Key advantages:

  • Get a holistic view of how your target audience is engaging with your brand across multiple channels.
  • Examine whether or not your marketing efforts are monetizing with key reports such as email performance and page views, and leverage these data to create improved personalized campaigns.
  • Fetch other valuable data from Marketo, including the industry, and push it to Google Analytics as Custom Dimensions that define a user on your website.

7. Vidyard for Marketo

Average turnaround time for integration - 3 mins

Connect Vidyard with Marketo if you want to transform your valuable view data into meaningful interactions with your target audience. Leverage videos to generate more leads and drive higher conversions.  

With Vidyard-Marketo integration, add videos to Marketo landing pages or emails. Thereafter, segment leads based on the kind of content they watched as detailed view data gets updated in Marketo in real-time such as who watched a video or webinar and for how long.

Marketo Integrations - Vidyard
Source: Vidyard knowledge base

Besides, embed Marketo forms into your videos or add more compelling CTAs to garner qualified leads.

Key advantages:

  • Create smart lists and smart campaigns in Marketo using the insightful video view data; design targeted content for prospects for better conversions.
  • Sort leads who watched more than 50% of the video, and trigger automated, targeted email follow-up to turn them into your customers. 
  • Track which parts of your video or webinar people watched or skipped, and fill these data in Marketo to categorize and nurture them.

Integrate Your Marketo Instance With Your Preferred Tool(s) Today. Consult Us.

Marketo is a truly powerful tool, especially when integrated with the right Martech stack. The correct Marketo integrations can help make your digital experiences more seamless, bring sales and marketing closer and more aligned, and increase lead velocity and lead attack time.

At Growth Natives, our Marketo certified experts will help unleash the true potential of your Marketo instance with just the right integrations. Book a free consultation and discover what will prove most profitable for your business.

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