Quick Tips For Cleaning Up Sales Insights in Marketo

Sales Insights in Marketo
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Nov 05, 2019
  • Updated on: Feb 13, 2023
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Sales Insights in Marketo can get complex to use if the periodic cleanup of assets is not done. Develop a habit of removing email campaigns from Sales Insight once you are done with particular ones.

Cleaning up your sales insights in Marketo allows you to provide better organized and well-defined marketing assets to your sales team. It is also important to have clear criteria or permission set to allow or remove access to sales team members. 

Check out how can you restrict sales insight actions with SFDC permission sets

Keeping a high number of email templates for the sales team to send through  Salesforce is a common trend but can be counterproductive. It increases negative feedback and low use by the sales teams.

Suggested Tips For Cleaning Up Sales Insights in Marketo

The following are some suggested steps to perform that will ensure your sales insights in Marketo stays organized and of good use to your sales team:

  • Sales Insight: set default to "Not Publish" everything in Sales Insight.
  • Monthly: deactivate campaigns in Marketo that are no longer running. Invitation emails for past month events like webinars should be achieved. 
  • Quarterly: review scoring, data management campaigns, programs, and other assets quarterly to decide whether to archive or clear off. 
  • Annual: Examine the overall database, including images, text files, list, emails, lead management campaigns, and take necessary action accordingly. 

In addition to the periodic clean up make sure to give your emails relevant names and dates this will make it easy for salespeople to know which email to use. 

Check out this post to get in-depth details on how to perform Marketo Instance Cleanup.

A well maintained and regularly cleansed Marketo database will have a real impact on your marketing team and sales performance and you can get more value from Marketo investment. So, get cleansing, now!

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