When and Why Your Business Needs a Salesforce Health Check

When and Why Your Business Needs a Salesforce Health Check
  • By Rahul Saini,
    Published on: Feb 22, 2023
  • Updated on: Feb 23, 2023
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You did in-depth research about different CRM tools. You decided to implement Salesforce in your business to boost your sales pipeline and streamline sales and marketing processes. However, you soon realize that nothing much has changed, even after considerable time has passed. Does it sound familiar? Don’t worry; you are not the only one. 

Many businesses are stuck in a similar predicament, but few decide to do something about it. However, this is precisely where a standard health check of your Salesforce instance comes into play. Remember, the main reason for introducing Salesforce into your business ecosystem is to optimize your operations, such as sales, marketing, accounting, and business communications. You don’t get the desired results. It’s time to diagnose the issues.

Unfortunately, Salesforce becomes a resource-draining instance that requires regular hotfixes and tuning if you fail to implement it properly into your business. There is no point in having a Salesforce CRM if you do not use it to its optimum potential. 

This is why it is essential to get a health check for your Salesforce instance to ensure it is utilized to its maximum capacity.

What Is a Salesforce Health Check?

Simply put, a Salesforce Health Check is a crucial evaluation of your Salesforce Instance to determine whether it is operating optimally or if any vulnerabilities need to be addressed.

It is done by a team of certified Salesforce professionals and consultants who provide a comprehensive Salesforce Health Check service that includes:

Assessing the current usage of your Salesforce suite of tools to identify areas where they can be utilized better, resulting in improved ROI.

Review your security needs to identify any existing security vulnerabilities and conduct an audit.

Evaluating automation capabilities, analyzing data quality, and performing a lightning readiness check.

In essence, the Salesforce Health Check process involves analyzing your current usage and suggesting the best practices and strategies for using Salesforce up to prescribed standards. In this post, we will understand why getting a Salesforce Health Check is important to get the most out of your Salesforce investment.

Let’s Start With the Why

First and foremost, certified Salesforce experts and consultants comprehensively assess your instance to give you a clear picture of its current position. They then suggest the best practices to align your Salesforce with your business goals.

They also help you declutter your data and streamline your dashboards to better understand your processes and the way data flows between them. This will help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your Salesforce usage.

Experts review your security standards, identify any vulnerabilities, and fix them quickly to ensure your data is always safe and secure.

Salesforce experts also help you train your stakeholders and improve their understanding of Salesforce, increasing user adoption and helping them make the most of the platform.

Lastly, they analyze your automation processes and create a roadmap to help you improve your ROI with Salesforce. This way, you can maximize the potential of your Salesforce and make informed decisions that help your business grow.

When Should You Go for a Salesforce Health Check

Now that you have a clear idea about why going for a Salesforce Health Check is necessary, it is time to find out when you should do it. Keep reading if you are unsure when it's time for a Salesforce Health Checkup. 

Here are a few common scenarios that indicate when you should consider a Salesforce Health Check:

Your User Adoption Rate is in a Decline

If you notice low user adoption among your internal teams after a year of implementing Salesforce, it's a cause for concern. Sales teams cannot find necessary data for their processes, and marketing teams are unable to personalize campaigns, which are examples of problems that can arise despite significant investment.

Your Business Has Not Kicked Off as You Expected

If your business has evolved since you implemented Salesforce, ensuring that your software and processes align with your expectations is essential. If it's been over a year since implementation, it's time for a complete health check to assess whether your Salesforce instance requires tweaking or an overhaul.

You Are Reverting to Manual Processes

Salesforce implementation should automate critical processes such as sales, lead management, marketing campaigns, and follow-ups. If these processes are still being handled manually, it's a significant concern and an indicator of low return on investment.

The Processes Are Not Easy to Follow

Every evolving business has a complex set of processes unique to its function. To streamline these processes, you need Salesforce to fit in and integrate with third-party applications critical to your business. A Salesforce Health Check allows you to understand your business data flow across processes and simplifies team functions. You can identify which processes require further integration with Salesforce for optimal functioning and data utilization.

You Have a Tough Time Keeping Salesforce Up to Date

Salesforce is a constantly evolving suite that keeps pace with trends. The features and processes you implemented a year ago are likely more cutting-edge and advanced. To ensure you're keeping up with the latest Salesforce capabilities, you need regular Salesforce Health Checks, which can be facilitated by experienced companies like us who specialize in Salesforce domain expertise.

Wrapping Up 

Are you concerned about the health of your Salesforce system and how it's impacting your business performance? Then, it is time to put your trust in the experienced team of Salesforce consultants at Growth Natives to help you optimize your Salesforce instance.

Our Salesforce Health Check process goes beyond just identifying issues and fixing them. We take a comprehensive approach to analyzing your system's performance, configuration, and security to ensure that it aligns with your business goals. 

Our team of certified Salesforce experts follows the industry-best practices and techniques to perform a detailed analysis of your system, including configuration and usage data, code reviews, and security audits. 

We then provide you with a detailed report of our findings, including recommendations on improving your system's performance and eliminating bottlenecks.Don't wait for problems to occur; halt them in their tracks. To know more about our services, email us at info@growthnatives.com today and schedule your Salesforce health checkup.

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