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  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Jan 12, 2023
  • Updated on: Mar 31, 2023
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When we talk about adaptable and robust business management platforms, Salesforce is the first name that comes to mind. Whether it is about managing customer relationships, promoting digital commerce, managing sales teams, getting analytical support, or providing exceptional customer service, Salesforce has a solution for everything. 

However, when a business first transitions into Salesforce, even the most seasoned professionals need help getting to grips with new features and upgrades. In a nutshell, it can be very intimidating to utilize Salesforce optimally without proper execution and support from an experienced Salesforce consulting company. 

So, if you wish to leverage Salesforce to an optimal level, you must enlist the help of a company providing Salesforce-managed services and let that extended team take care of development, integrations, and administration while your internal team gets a firm grip on using the platform seamlessly.

What are Salesforce Managed Services?

Managed services refer to hiring an extended team or consulting firm to assist you in managing your IT environment. Similarly, Salesforce managed services are an economical and flexible way of implementing, managing and expanding your Salesforce instance's capabilities using seasoned professionals' services. 

This approach enables your organization to focus on your core competencies while your extended team integrates new business blocks and accommodates intricate business processes into your operations. In addition, Growth Natives is a leading Salesforce managed services provider and can help you work around the latest Salesforce updates across several clouds without putting any pressure on your in-house teams.

Salesforce Managed Services Methodology

If you own a business that uses Salesforce, you must have asked yourself what is included in Salesforce-managed services. Let’s find the answer to this question by looking at the process followed by leading Salesforce-managed service providers.

  • Tailor-made consulting and audit for businesses to evaluate the Salesforce instance's current status and identify areas of improvement.
  • Creating an actionable strategy and implementing the right Salesforce cloud solutions based on the business needs.
  • Establishing enterprise-level capabilities and enhancing business productivity using third-party app integrations with your salesforce clouds. 
  • Increasing collaboration and yielding maximum ROI by optimizing workflows and incorporating the latest developments in the Salesforce releases.
  • Providing regular support and training to in-house teams to assist them in daily business administration.
  • Establishing clear metrics to evaluate business performance across different departments by creating the right information architecture.

Leveraging Different Salesforce Cloud Solutions

Whether B2B or B2C, it is common for business managers to get distracted from their core tasks to manage Salesforce platforms. Salesforce managed service providers solve this problem by allowing your managers to focus on outcomes rather than operations. In addition, as extended Salesforce partners, they offer flexible and efficient solutions that adhere to marketing trends and are in line with the latest technical developments. 

Growth Natives offers 360-degree, tailor-made Salesforce managed services across different cloud platforms with 7X Salesforce administrators, 100+ years of combined experience, and more than 60 Salesforce certifications. Let’s look at how you can deliver outstanding customer experiences across different use cases using an extended Salesforce team.

  • Salesforce CPQ

The ideal solution to achieve higher revenues and drive more sales is a Salesforce CPQ implementation designed to generate results for your brand.

  • Sales Cloud

Improve the performance of your sales representatives by offering them the right technical solutions in the form of an easy-to-manage CRM platform tailor-made to increase revenue.

  • Service Cloud

Optimize your Salesforce Service Cloud operations with strategic solutions for the service teams and enable them to deliver delightful customer experiences.

  • Marketing Cloud

Foster regular customer engagement, deliver the proper messaging and evaluate the impact of your efforts every step of the way by leveraging the Salesforce marketing cloud.

  • Commerce Cloud

Deliver a unified, omnichannel customer experience with eCommerce solutions using the commerce cloud and be prepared for what comes next.

  • Salesforce Einstein

Leverage the deep learning capabilities of Salesforce to your advantage by accessing critical insights about your business with a Salesforce Einstein implementation across your CRM.

  • Community Cloud

Bring together employees, channel partners, and customers using engaging communities and deliver agile solutions to your users while boosting engagement.

  • Salesforce Lightning Migration

Enable your company to access the latest Salesforce innovations and get maximum performance from your CRM with minimal effort using the Lightning Experience.

  • Middleware Salesforce

With Salesforce Middle Integration services, you can bring critical data such as customer accounts, inventory, and accounts onto a common platform.

  • Conga

Draw quickly on your existing database and easily create complex client documentation in your preferred format with Salesforce CRM and Conga Composer integration.

  • ServiceMax

With Salesforce’s built-in ServiceMax platform, you can manage field service staff and services seamlessly and deliver on customer expectations without fail.

  • Nonprofit

Ramp up your Nonprofit company’s marketing, programs, grants, and fundraising efforts by incorporating Salesforce Nonprofit cloud CRM into your technology stack.

  • Vlocity

Resolve your client’s issues related to marketing, service, and CPQ by accessing a wide range of Vlocity applications (built on the Salesforce platform).

  • Field Service Lightning

Deliver the best on-site services by connecting your workforce with customers on a common platform.

What Are the Benefits of Using Salesforce Managed Services for Your Organization?

As established in this article, using Salesforce managed services from Growth natives can help you get around the hassles of recruiting an expensive in-house team. However, there are other benefits of availing managed services. The prime objective of hiring managed services is to leverage the Salesforce licenses optimally and build a profitable business by implementing relevant use cases into your systems. Here are some more advantages of using Salesforce Managed Services for your business.

1. Fill the Skill Set Gap

It is often difficult to find people with the proper skill set, but with managed services, organizations can connect with the talent that possesses the right skillset to deliver the desired results without spending thousands of dollars.

2. Access to Regular Updates

Salesforce-managed service providers stay on top of the latest updates and help you stay clear of significant security issues by installing frequent updates into your systems. 

3. Opportunities to Scale Up 

You must expand your operations with a clear vision and the right technology at the helm. A managed service company saves you the trouble of reopening employment to scale up your business. Instead, it offers the services of its specialists to ensure a smooth transition into the next phase of your business. 

4. It Saves Thousands of Dollars

As mentioned above, the cost of hiring an in-house team for every implementation is huge. It can linger on as a financial burden on the company, thus eroding future profits. With Salesforce-managed services, you can overcome this curve and focus on the final objectives without any added financial burden. 

Why Choose Growth Natives as Your Salesforce Managed Service Partner?

If you are looking for a company with 100+ years of collective experience and dozens of Salesforce-certified experts who can help you leverage the potential of your CRM, then having Growth Natives as your extended partner is the right move.

We offer 360-degree, tailor-made Salesforce-managed services to B2B and B2C businesses across the globe with a proven track record of turning companies into profitable affairs. So whether you want to improve your existing CRM instance or implement Salesforce cloud solutions from scratch, enlisting the right partner is the fastest way to capture more business and improve the bottom line. 

To know more about how our experts can help you achieve your business goals, email us at You can also check out more interesting content on our services here. 

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