Salesforce Marketing Overview: Important Features and Functionalities

Salesforce Marketing Overview: Important Features and Functionalities
  • By Olympia Bhatt,
    Published on: Mar 31, 2023
  • Updated on: Apr 05, 2023
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Salesforce Marketing is a suite of cloud-based marketing automation. It is a part of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables businesses to manage customer engagement across the entire journey, including marketing, sales, commerce, and service.

So how does Salesforce marketing work? What are its top features? Where is it used? How does it compare with other marketing automation tools? This blog will address these questions and a lot more. 

What Is Salesforce Marketing?

Salesforce started in 1999 in San Francisco. Its automation tool for marketing offers a wide range of features and functionalities. Some include managing marketing campaigns, customer data, and engagement across email, mobile, social media, web, and advertising. 

What Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a comprehensive digital marketing platform streamlining marketing efforts across email, social media, mobile apps, SMS, websites, and other channels. By integrating all marketing channels into a single platform, businesses can deliver targeted and personalized messages to their customers.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud was earlier known as ExactTarget. It requires connectors to synchronize data between a business's Salesforce org and SFMC account.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products

Here are some individual Marketing cloud products: 

Advertising Studio

Use CRM to securely power 1-to-1 advertising across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Display at scale.

Salesforce CDP

Get a single, actionable view of your customer through Salesforce's custom data platform.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Enable cross-platform marketing intelligence by collating data sources, visualizing AI-powered insights, and generating actionable reports to drive ROI.

Email Studio

Use data from every department to build smarter email—from basic marketing campaigns to sophisticated 1-to-1 messages.

Google Analytics 360

Get cross-channel insights for seamless customer journeys with Google Analytics 360 + Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud Personalization

Visualize, track, and manage customer experiences with real-time interaction management—driving valuable engagement at the right moment.

Journey Builder

Deliver cross-channel personalized experiences with campaign management at every step of the customer lifecycle.

Mobile Studio 

Send consistent SMS, push, and chat app messages in real time.

Social Studio

Listen, publish, and engage in creating customer advocates. Connect social to marketing, sales, and service in one AI-powered platform.

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Personalized Marketing

Create personalized marketing campaigns targeting individual customers with relevant messages, offers, and recommendations.

Multichannel Engagement

Salesforce Marketing supports email, mobile, social media, web, and advertising engagement.

Customer Data Management

Salesforce Marketing provides a centralized repository for customer data. Capture, store, and analyze customer information to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Automate and optimize marketing campaigns using artificial intelligence.

Customer Journey Mapping

Map the customer journey and identify critical touchpoints for more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.

Reporting and Analytics

Measure marketing campaign performance and identify improvement areas using robust reporting and analytics tools.

Integration with Salesforce CRM

Salesforce Marketing integrates with Salesforce CRM. It enables businesses to leverage customer data across both platforms and create a more cohesive customer experience.

How to Leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

The capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud include:

  • Email marketing
  • Content creation and management, including emails, landing page templates, forms, images, and coupons
  • SMS sending and monitoring
  • Mobile push notifications, both in-app and external
  • Social media marketing. Schedule and track posts and leverage real-time engagement and rich analytics
  • Visual campaign automation mapping, which consolidates many channels into a single view
  • Targeted online advertising
  • Website "listening" that dynamically tailors web pages to prospect interests
  • Powerful segmentation, with access to several attributes from a business's CRM and other sources
  • Data management/ETL activities like importing files, transferring files, extracting data, running SQL queries, filtering data, and scripting to create multi-step automated workflows.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud comprises two main types of modules:

  • Studios, which oversee content and individual marketing channels, such as Email Studio.
  • Builders, which manage data and campaign automation, such as Journey Builder.

As Salesforce expanded through acquisitions, the complete SFMC suite now has more technologies such as analytics, customer data platform (CDP), Google plug-ins, and more.

Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

  1. Create a personalized customer journey at every touchpoint that results in an everlasting experience for your company.
  2. Marketing Cloud provides insight into the consumer base and ensures clarity in all work. It connects customer data with marketing processes and optimizes them. 
  3. Through extensive knowledge of customer profile attributes, create behaviors, and interests, targeted call-to-action, leading to long-term benefits. Send this outreach message through the right channel that resonates with the customer.
  4. No need for extra servers as the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is on the web. It is a more efficient and organized marketing process. The platform provides easy access to all customer and marketing campaign data.
  5. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows users to connect interactions from any channel on their terms. This leads to real-time intelligent communication and interaction with customers. It also enables the delivery of intelligent and relevant content through preferred channels.
  6. Understand customer journey phases by using Contact and Journey data. It allows timely communication and support. Rich data also helps in campaign performance analysis, driving customer engagement and creating valued relationships.
  7. Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides immense integration capabilities through the REST API and SOAP API.
  8. Salesforce Marketing Cloud aims to customize business goals by increasing its capabilities. Third-party applications, including those from Salesforce AppExchange, can meet customer requirements and deliver excellent services. Other third-party products from Salesforce partners also enhance functionality and value.
  9. Using artificial intelligence technology, such as Einstein, Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a range of applications covering engagement, time optimization, engagement frequency, and personalized experiences to prevent disengagement.
  10. Get a 360-degree view of all customers, be customer-driven, and engage with your audience at every touch point.


The annual fee for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is $108,000. You can find more details about their different pricing plans here


Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps businesses manage their marketing campaigns and customer interactions across channels, including email, social media, mobile, and web. Some of the highlights of the platform are:

  • Tools for creating and executing personalized campaigns.
  • Automating marketing processes.
  • Analyzing customer data.
  • Measuring campaign performance.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, businesses can reach their target audience more effectively, improve customer engagement and loyalty, and drive sales and revenue.


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