Best Landing Page Builders to Look Out for in 2023

Best Landing Page Builders to Look Out for in 2023
  • By Shagun Sharma,
    Published on: Mar 13, 2023
  • Updated on: May 05, 2023
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Did you know, the conversion rate for sign-up forms on landing pages is 23%?

This means, you can leverage an interactive landing page to boost conversions.

Creating a landing page is crucial if you want to reduce your website’s bounce rate and generate leads. So what are the prerequisites? The audience insight and strategy. Your landing pageshould look attractive as well as accessible and intuitive.

Fortunately, creating a landing page does not require technical know-how. With landing page builders, you can easily create a high-converting landing page. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the best landing page builders you need in 2023.

Let’s dive in!

Best Landing Page Builders to Look Out for in 2023

1. Unbounce

As one of the highly popular and reputed landing page builders, Unbounce is trusted by over 15,000 brands for landing page creation. It is a drag-and-drop builder and offers an intuitive interface that lets you easily create, launch, and optimize landing pages for any marketing campaign.

It integrates with applications like HubSpot, WordPress, and MailChimp. If your goal is to create impressive search engine marketing (SEM) campaign, then Unbounce is the best tool as it helps in creating customized landing pages and provides dynamic keyword insertion. It lets you add user search queries to your landing page to generate more visitors.

Unbounce offers several features that can help in easily building, optimizing, and testing landing pages without having prior coding experience. You can get basic Unbounce services at $80 per month, where you get 75 landing page templates, an A/B testing feature, Hubspot and WordPress integration, etc.

Best Features of Unbounce

Pop-Ups and Strike Bars

Unbounce is more than a landing page builder. It offers features like pop-ups and sticky bars that can help you build an email list, increase traffic, generate leads, and promote your offerings. As it is a drag-and-drop builder, so it offers several templates to get started promptly.

Smart Traffic

An AI-powered conversion tool that helps you to analyze website visitors’ behavior, and attributes, and directly navigate them to the right landing page that converts visitors to paying customers.

A/B Testing

Unbounce provides A/B testing features on all plans. After building a landing page, you can easily split-test and optimize it accordingly. You can check split testing results on the Unbounce analytics dashboard.

2. Webflow

Released in 2013, Webflow is a website builder that has gradually become a popular tool among marketers. Webflow lets you build contemporary and developer-level websites. When it comes to current design trends like animations, artistic product displays, bright visuals, motion graphics, and so on, Webflow can excel perfectly.

Webflow offers more than design – it lets you build a landing page. For ecommerce websites, it gives you access to all necessary tools that lets you sell products directly from the page.

You can sell digital and physical goods as you develop a landing page. In addition, Webflow offers third-party integration with applications like Printful, Shippo, MailChimp, and many more.

Best Features of Webflow


Webflow is the best responsive platform available. It has everything you need to build a responsive website – from block to sections to division. No matter what kind of landing page you are building, it will offer the best view on any screen and on any device.

CMS Collection

With rows and columns similar to an Excel spreadsheet, Webflow offers "CMS Collections," which resemble a database. Using Webflow, you can build a single page to serve as a template and include merge codes into all of the text, buttons, content, and images.

No Plugins

As Webflow is a comprehensive platform, you won't need to worry about plugins that need to be updated. There is no need for any plugins. Additionally, you may provide effective customer care without using plugins.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the best and most eminent software solutions that offer various marketing services and landing page builder is one of them. HubSpot is a powerful landing page builder tool that is easy to use and offers various features like responsive webpages, A/B testing, list segmentation, customized landing page content, and more.

A personalized website for your company may be quickly and easily built using the drag-and-drop website builder. HubSpot has hundreds of design themes to choose from. You can build a customized landing page in no time by setting up templates, custom modules, and more.

The Starter plan, which is invoiced monthly, starts at $45; however, the other options are substantially costlier. Its Professional and Enterprise subscriptions start at $800 and $3,600 per month, respectively.

Best Features of HubSpot

Responsive Pages

You can connect with a bigger, more interested audience with responsive design, regardless of where and how they choose to explore. With HubSpot, you can preview how your landing pages will appear on mobile devices as you develop them.


HubSpot provides a plethora of mobile-optimized templates that can convert website visitors to paying customers. With its drag-and-drop editor, you can use any template to create a landing page within no time.

Centralized Dashboard

HubSpot’s dashboard lets you analyze your best-performing landing pages. In addition, you can test various elements on your landing page to see which one is working the best and which needs optimization.

4. Elementor

With more than five million users, Elementor is one of the best landing page builders for people loving to work with WordPress. You can easily customize landing pages such as their color, font, layout, buttons, etc.

From dynamic content to marketing tools or native ecommerce, all are possible with Elementor. In addition, this website builder offers features like form builder, customized landing page creation, and split testing.

Elemantor has a free plan that makes it the ideal tool for small and medium-scale businesses. It also has premium plans that are divided into three categories:

  • Essential ($59 per year)
  • Expert ($199 per year)
  • Agency ($399 per year)

Best Features of Elementor

Dynamic Content

You may make static webpages with Elementor in addition to that. Elementor allows you to develop dynamic websites like blogs, news portals, listing websites, and other forms of dynamic websites since it supports dynamic content.

Responsive Designing

For any appropriate screen, including smartphones and tablets, Elementor offers live editing tools. Therefore, all you need to do to begin updating your WordPress site is to just open your browser from wherever you are.

Third-Party Integration

Offering third-party integrations is Elementor. You are then free to utilize any widgets and templates you have created on your own. With Elementor itself, you may add any integration that looks appropriate to enhance your site design.

5. Wishpond

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, Wishpond is the best option when it comes to creating landing pages. It has an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. With its drag-and-drop features, you can create a landing page within seconds.

From ecommerce to marketing agencies or the B2B sector to the financial sector, Wishpond offers a plethora of templates for various industries. With its completely focused approach to lead generation, Wishpond distinguishes apart. It provides innovative product solutions that help you convert website visitors into paying consumers.

With Wishpond's Website Builder, anyone can easily create stunning landing pages because of its simple drag-and-drop editor. It has social sharing capabilities, a form builder, a popup tool, and more.

Best Features of Wishpond


Create web pages that perform in the same way they appear. With just one click, you can access very quick loading speeds, dozens of app integrations, and site optimization for all platforms.

Split Testing

Wishpond landing page builder offers you easy split testing of your landing page so that you can see how your page is performing and which areas need optimization.


The landing page builder from Wishpond features 50 templates. These contain patterns that will serve your company's goals the best. Apart from this, you can choose the “blank template” feature to create a distinctive landing page.

6. Leadpages

Leadpages is a widely used landing page creation platform that provides excellent templates and capabilities to improve leads and sales. It is simple to include in landing pages, icons, pop-up ads, websites, and other formats. You may sort and filter over 160 free landing page templates by industry and conversion rates.

Without having any technical knowledge, you can modify your landing pages using Leadpages' simple UI and drag-and-drop builder. Everything from everyday visitors to more complex analytics may be tracked.

When paid annually, the monthly cost of the Standard plan is $25. It has important features like limitless traffic, free landing page layouts, and pages.

Best Features of Leadpages

Intuitive Interface

Leadpages is an intuitive and easy-to-use page builder. With it drag and drop features, you can create a customized landing page, website, or forms. Moreover, there is no technical expertise or coding need required.

Digital Hosting

It offers an integrated Lead Magnet Delivery System that can help you quickly transfer or send digital files and "opt-in incentives" to new subscribers on your list at random intervals.

Third-Party Integration

Leadpages provides third-party integration so you can leverage other features. It can be easily integrated with HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Drift, and many more.


To generate leads and increase conversions, it is crucial to create high-converting landing pages. For that, you need a reliable and fully-featured landing page builder. The above-listed landing page tools have all the necessary features that you need to create a distinctive and customized landing page that will convert your website visitors into paying customers.

Landing page builders are a surefire way to increase your investment. Though the right tool is a must, choosing the right professional partner for it will amp up your lead conversion game. We at Growth Natives have designed result-driven landing pages in HubSpot for our customers, which led to measurable conversions. You can write to us at or call us at our toll free number +1 855-693-4769 and we’ll take it from there. 


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