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03 Dec
marketing trends

Time flies fast and perhaps even faster in today’s world where technology is shaping our lives. As the countdown for 2022 begins, marketers are busy strategizing for the next year. 2021 has been a fascinating year as marketers have had to reinvent strategies under the shadow of Covid. Hopefully, we would be welcoming a better year that would see a boost in business activities, higher consumer spending, and more jobs.  

It is the perfect time to brainstorm and refine your marketing strategies to keep your brand ahead of the competition. With brands expected to invest aggressively in digital marketing in the post-Covid world, marketers would have to keep up with the latest marketing trends to maintain the relevance of their brands. Here are some of the marketing trends you need to watch out for in 2022.

Top 8 Marketing Trends 

1. Influencer Marketing to Become the Norm

This isn’t a new trend and has been talked about for the last many years. Yet, influencer marketing hasn’t been a norm up until now. Though fashion brands and others have used it aggressively, it is a long way to go in terms of becoming mainstream. 

2022 is expected to be the year influencer marketing becomes the norm and this isn’t surprising as 70% of teens trust influencers more than celebrities. In 2021, it crossed the $13 billion thresholds and it will be one of the biggest marketing trends to watch out for in 2022.  

2. Direct Access to Audience

Does your brand own the audience you have on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.? No, the platforms own the millions of people who follow your social media handles! In 2022 we expect brands to strategies to own their audience and get direct access to them. 

Newsletters, Text Messages, WhatsApp Messages are the best ways to get direct access to the users. When a user is inviting your message to their inbox or chat box there is more chance of these being read. Unlike social media ads that can be lost in scrolls, your target audience shall have these campaigns in their message box. This creates more opportunities for engagement and interactions. 

3. Audio Would Be The Next Battle Ground

Digital marketing has been a visual-only strategy up until now. Marketers have so far focused on grabbing the ‘eyeball’! The battle would now shift to the ‘eardrums’ as brands have realized the potential of audio as a marketing medium. As Amazon, Google, and other brands battle it out to promote their smart speakers and users get glued to podcasts we expect to see stiff competition in this space. 

The Clubhouse app took the world by storm and was one of the biggest newsmakers in the tech space in 2021. Twitter followed suit with Twitter Spaces and Facebook is also planning to throw its hands in the race. Brands are trying to leverage audio content especially podcasts as it offers a great opportunity for creating brand awareness and engagement. We expect to see aggressive competition to make the right noise!  

4. Virtual Events Beyond Covid

The Covid pandemic forced brands to reset their marketing strategies. Digital marketing has been one of the rare beneficiaries of the otherwise mayhem around the world. In the last two years, we have seen most brands opt for virtual events as physical restrictions and social distancing norms prevented people from attending events physically. 

Virtual events would continue to be an important component in the marketing mix for brands in 2022 and beyond. However, we are likely to see brands opt for a more hybrid model of marketing mixing between real and virtual events in the coming year. 

5. Short Videos Would Rule

Call it the TikTok syndrome or whatever you like, short videos would be one of the marketing trends to watch out for in 2022. There has been a drop in attention spans and long-form videos are likely to make way for short videos in the coming year. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts have become potent tools for marketers as more users are attracted to short videos than longer ones. 

Though long-form videos would continue to be used for creating informative videos around brands and products, short-form videos would rule. We’d seen brands using different videos promoting the same message on YouTube (long-form videos) and the shorter versions on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, et al. 

Marketing Trends

6. Personalization of Content

Content good for Uncle Tom isn’t good for Sara and what triggers a desire for a person in a low-income economy doesn’t necessarily work well for those with a 6-digit income. Content personalization has been an emerging trend in the last couple of years. We expect to see this to be the center of marketing trends in 2022. 

Brands would have to personalize their content for different users and explore the best means of appealing to them. Across channels, demographics, and geographical boundaries we are likely to see more personalized content that would be aimed to serve specific interests and goals for the brand. 

7. Aggressive Native Advertising

Figure this native advertising was a $57 billion industry in 2021 and it is expected to hit $400 billion by 2025. 2022 is expected to be the year when marketers get into this marketing strategy aggressively.  Also termed as sponsored content these ads match the form, structure, and theme of the platform where they appear. 

Unlike traditional ads which can interrupt the audiences’ experience on any given platform, native ads seamlessly blend with the content and medium. This marketing strategy would allow brands to reach customers who are unlikely to be targeted with traditional ads. It would act as a force multiplier for brands.

8. Generating Leads Through Case Studies

We all know the incentives of long-form case studies, but few brands have explored this strategy. Case studies are tedious to write, and this is the primary reason many marketers have avoided them so far. However, this is one of the strategies that is expected to grow in 2022 with several marketers aiming to explore it in the coming year. 

Case studies help marketing campaigns in two distinct ways. First, they allow brands to show the incentives of their products and services to a larger audience with its practical applicability to solve pain points. Secondly, they also help with the SEO campaign with Google and other search engines offering more weightage to long-form content. Hence, this strategy is expected to pick up in 2022. 

Final Words

We expect these marketing trends to dominate the world of marketing. Though marketers look at every new year with promise and opportunities, 2022 is likely to be different. It would be the dawn of a new era as businesses look to regain ground lost during the pandemic. We expect to see more steam and activity in the business world. Brands that have seen the incentives of digital engagement through the days of lockdown and uncertainty are likely to be more aggressive in the digital space, heating the competition.

If your brand wishes to leverage these marketing trends and increase conversions with a fine-tuned digital marketing strategy, Growth Natives can help. We are a fast-growing agency that helps clients build a strong foothold in the competitive market. To know more about our marketing strategies and get us on board, write to us at info@growthnatives.com.   


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