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Leverage Salesforce Einstein Analytics tools to create detailed reports and dashboard from all aspects of your CRM platform. Growth Natives enables you to get fresh insights to make accurate predictions in real-time. Our Salesforce experts help you implement tailor-made services to help you get the most out of Sales Einstein Analytics.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics


To ensure that every inch of your Salesforce-powered processes get the maximum out of Salesforce Einstein analytics, you need an expert at the helm. Our team can help you implement Salesforce Einstein AI and Analytics cloud in your tech-stack and improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Our specialized consultation optimizes the process by:

  • Evaluating billions of data points instantly
  • Enabling AI-powered Einstein Discover to surface intelligent insights
  • Enabling users to collaborate the insights
  • Recommending solutions to optimize sales paths
  • Improving the level of customer service and optimizing marketing campaigns


Our team holds your hand all the way and works in conjunction with your team to implement the changes in a seamless manner. We work as your partners and make sure that the implementation sets your business on the path of success. Our expertise helps your organization with:

  • Providing features like lead scoring, activity capture, and insights
  • Enabling Salesforce contact centers to dig deeper into insights with AI and machine learning
  • Analyzing content to generate campaigns based on AI predictions
  • Facilitating existing CRM to cater to larger data analysis
  • Enabling users to focus on important insights and automate events to increase order value

Feature Enablement

The next step is to reach new milestones in business in an optimized manner. Enable a wide range of out-of-the-box features that leverage Salesforce Einstein analytics optimally to accelerate your business growth. Our team can help you enable the following features and more:

  • Einstein Bots to welcome your customers to your business
  • Einstein Insights to keep customer engagement alive and kicking
  • Einstein Opportunity Scoring to close more deals
  • Einstein Custom Analytics to explore your data easily
  • Einstein Lead Scoring to increase prospect conversions

Role Management

It is imperative that the insights you derive from Einstein Analytics are put to good use. We recommend extending the information about the integration with all departments and explain how they can benefit from it. Salesforce Einstein Analytics has an impact on nearly every department in the following manner:

  • Analysts get real-time, actionable insights and make better decisions with AI
  • The sales team get a comprehensive view of pipelines and can manage workflows better
  • Admin team get access to optimized data sources with data management tools
  • The finance team can use data across ERP, HCM, and data warehouses to make better decisions
  • The marketing team gets access to fresh data and can focus on new campaigns for positive ROI
  • The HR team can improve employee satisfaction, performance, and talent retention in a better way

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