Email Marketing

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Tried and Tested B2B Lead Generation Tactics

Working in Salesforce has always been your dream, and today you are on your way to turning it into reality, all set to walk into the interview room to impress the interviewers with your knowledge and skills, and then out of nowhere, your phone rings. “Hello

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The Most Important Questions to Ask About Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you connect with leads, new & old customers, and prospects that can help you enhance your business. It’s a great opportunity to directly reach their inbox at a convenient time. If you look at the facts listed below, they clearly sho

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Top 11 Email Marketing Ebooks You Must Read to Up Your Engagement and Revenue Game

With the rise of multiple digital marketing strategies, one of the fewer questions that raise a doubt is whether email marketing is still effective. To give you a short answer, yes!  Email marketing is important even if people believe that sending emails is a

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5 Strategies To Run Successful E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Many of us have been there – crafted an important e-mail carefully, for our e-mail marketing campaign and waited patiently for replies. But after a long wait, You begin to wonder- could I have used a different approach? Could I have written a better e-mail?

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