Top 4 Reasons You Need to Integrate Marketing Automation and CRM

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Over 51% of companies on an average are using marketing automation tools and have seen positive growth in their businesses.

Marketing automation is evolving exponentially. It’s not us that is saying so, but the marketing automation usage itself is doing all the talking. (Check this report by EmailMonday that totally backs our statement.) 

The rapid growth of technology has shown us how necessary marketing automation is when a business begins to create, nurture, and score leads across various channels. Moreover, it heightens your customers’ expectations. Today, they expect efficient, responsive, and reliable service from brands and businesses.  

In the words of Scott Cook, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is. It is what they tell each other it is.” 

By integrating your CRM and marketing automation strategies, your sales teams can seamlessly interact with various audiences via their chosen channels. It then becomes a lot easier to accomplish your desired results.

How Integrating CRM, Marketing Automation, and Social Channels Will Help Drive Success

  1. Better Customer Engagement

When you combine marketing automation strategies with a CRM channel, you get a clear picture of your customers. Client information sourced from your social networks, such as complaints, challenges, or appreciation for your product, can be stored in your CRM program. This provides you with real-time, in-depth information, allowing for tailored replies and improved client engagements

If you've linked your social media accounts to your CRM, you can  monitor consumers’ thought process through their feedback. Automation tools will help you to join the conversation in real-time, even if your brand isn't specifically tagged, enabling you to reply to consumers swiftly, making them feel heard and appreciated.

  1. Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

Effective marketing strategies can help you reach the appropriate users at the right moment. Integrating marketing automation software and CRM can help your marketing department with the information needed. This can be used for individual communications targeting particular consumers and customer groups. This is important for lead nurturing. 

Your marketing efforts and sales performance might not prove fruitful when these processes aren’t separated. It's easy to decide which campaigns are most successful for increasing sales with integrated marketing automation and CRM software. Ensure that you allocate your resources to campaigns that work using this knowledge.

  1. Prioritized Lead Scores

Leads aren't all made equal. It is wiser to focus your marketing efforts on people who are most inclined to buy. Marketers might have insufficient data to assess their consumers' intents, but web data may help. Marketing automation systems may score and rank leads based on their online behaviors, such as the amount of time they spend on your website or any other activities that indicate a higher degree of interest than others.

By enabling synchronization between your CRM software and marketing automation system, both marketing and sales teams will be kept up to speed on recent client behavior. This helps each team to adapt their tactics as needed.

  1. Increased Lead Generation

The automated marketing program automatically rates leads to the interaction with your website depending on numerous behaviors. Before making direct contact, the sales staff may leverage this approach to determine top prospects and understand more about their needs.

You must find the correct time and targeting to ensure that these advertisements succeed. This is where the analytics collected by your CRM solution comes into play. You can deliver messages and consumers into target groups based on contact information, prior encounters, patterns of activity or purchasing habits.

Key Takeaway

Integrating these two technologies is how today's businesses are evolving. Integrating marketing automation and CRM, is a tried-and-true approach to boost sales, build targeted marketing campaigns, and, most importantly, provide an outstanding experience for your customers.

Are you struggling with integrating marketing automation and CRM for your business? Our team at Growth Natives is here to help. Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you find the right solution!

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