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Generating leads and keeping customers engaged throughout their journey is an uphill battle for many businesses. Additionally, they find it difficult to extract rich insights from a large amount of data that they’ve collected and put it to use. 

To solve these challenges, a majority of businesses, today, use marketing automation. In fact, the global marketing automation industry is predicted to reach USD 6.4 billion by the end of the decade.

While marketing automation can help companies improve efficiency by streamlining their workflows, there are plenty of options to choose from, full of power-packed features and use cases. 

Therefore, we’ve listed the top 11 marketing automation tools and factors to consider while choosing one for your business to take your marketing efforts a notch up, in this blog post. Let’s dive right in!

Top 11 Marketing Automation Software to Try Out

1. Marketo

With marketing automation technologies, you can track user activity. Marketo is one of the highly developed tools and marketing automation software that offers comprehensive features that help marketers create persuasive email campaigns. 


  • Lead management
  • Email and campaign management
  • Consumer Engagement Marketing
  • Personalization
  • Marketing Management

Best Suited For:

Marketo is excellent for companies who want to go beyond simple marketing automation. It can be a smart idea to start with Marketo if you want to start with the fundamentals and expand to more complex features in the near future.


$1,195 per month

2. Campaigner

For small, medium, and big organizations, Campaigner is a reliable marketing automation tool. Campaigner allows for the integration of external data, filters out customer addresses, and delivers the proper one-to-one email communications. Email messaging interacts with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to improve the effectiveness of email campaigns.


  • Over 900 email templates are available
  • It generates and distributes customized emails to subscribers
  • Reporting in great detail demonstrates how a user engages with the campaign
  • 30 days trial period
  • 24/7 live chat client service

Best Suited For:

Businesses that need to send a lot of emails and have a huge client base should use Campaigner. It can be used by midsize and big enterprises to maximize bespoke features. 


There is a limit on how many emails you may send with each plan.


$59 per month

3. Eloqua

It is the leading marketing automation software from Oracle. The technology offers a competitive advantage in delivering audience segmentation and tailored marketing to create leads and encourage purchases. With only a few clicks, you can use this application to track insights into a buyer's journey and analyze data.


  • It provides access to several data sources
  • It helps to create robust email campaigns
  • It has easy to understand interface that lets you get started without much hassle
  • It helps to use customer data to deliver personalized messages

Best Suited For:

Eloqua is the perfect tool if you are looking for enterprise-level software. Though it is expensive, it is a great option as it helps you connect with technology vendors to learn more about this software. In addition, if you are looking for CRM integration, then Eloqua is the best software for you.


Eloqua does not offer integration with Zapier or many other third-party software.


$2000 per month

4. Sendinblue

A comprehensive platform for digital marketing, Sendinblue offers companies with marketing automation features. It has features for transactional emails, SMS marketing, chat, CRM, etc. In order to deliver emails as quickly as possible, machine learning is used. You can send the email at the appropriate moment with the aid of this function.


  • It provides tools for creating landing pages that may be used to create specific campaign pages
  • You may combine the unique signup forms with Sendinblue to expand your contact list
  • It provides tools for message creation, email message personalization, contact grouping, etc

Best Suited For:

Sendinblue is perfect for businesses looking to build and cultivate relationships with their end users through email campaigns, marketing automation, transactional emails, etc. It is known to be a good, stable, and easy-to-use marketing automation tool for small- to large-scale companies.


This tool limits the volume of messages you can send daily.


Price varies from monthly emails.


With the email automation service, companies may send SMS messages, alerts, and emails to specific customers and leads. Its objective is to assist companies in creating deeper and more enduring bonds with their clients.


  • It offers AB testing and segmentation
  • It helps you track conversions and create customized designs
  • It specializes in providing your consumers with individualized messaging, automatic push alerts, and targeted emails
  • It gives advertisers the ability to create the most complex automated message campaigns

Best Suited For:

Businesses who want to use marketing automation and value a simple user interface should check out This tool can also be useful to businesses looking for more sophisticated functionality that calls for flexibility and customization and are prepared to commit the developer resources necessary to accomplish it.


$75 per month

6. HubSpot

The system performs a little bit of everything. As an inbound marketing software, which it identifies itself as, HubSpot provides a wide range of functions, including marketing automation. 


  • Workflows that start the sales process
  • Link to External Apps
  • Actions can be triggered using custom code
  • offers smart content and smart lists
  • Offers follow-up emails

Best Suited For:

For a small —to medium-scale business, HubSpot is a fantastic tool. It has additional features that let you do more than send emails. HubSpot is an excellent choice if you're searching for an "all-in-one" solution that offers the most fundamental features of several other marketing systems.


$200 per month

7. Pardot

Another powerful B2B marketing automation solution is Pardot from Salesforce. The marketing and sales teams may work together using Pardot to engage customers, close more transactions, and create long-term connections. It seeks to assist organizations in streamlining everything from sales automation to lead generation. It's a powerful marketing automation tool for engaging prospects and advancing them through the sales funnel.


  • Lead management
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing 
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Sales Alignment
  • ROI reporting

Best Suited For:

Pardot is perfect for large-scale companies because it increases marketing effectiveness. This Salesforce marketing solution is a more refined version. Increasing ROI and offering a better customer experience are given top priority.


Pardot limits its integration with Instagram


$1250 per month

8. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing software that mainly assists companies in developing branded emails, websites, and other forms of online marketing under a single platform. It performs a fantastic job of offering fundamental functions in a way that even non-technical people can utilize. 


  • Easy downloads
  • Performance tracking 
  • CRM integration
  • Automated and personalized email sequences

Best Suited For:

Small business owners who wish to start with structured email marketing immediately and don't foresee any future requirements for additional capability could choose Constant Contact. If you fall inside this category, the product is a fantastic fit for you, but, if you want to increase the scope of your marketing automation activities soon, a different tool is required.


It does not offer any advanced features.


$15 per month

9. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign has a drag-and-drop automation builder that makes designing an easy process. It essentially automates all critical marketing functions, including lead nurturing, Facebook Ads management, and much more.


  • It can smoothly link with more than 850 marketing apps
  • Use tags, analytics, performance reports, and custom fields to monitor prospect behavior
  • It helps you get important information from every digital channel, both online and offline
  • It gives you a bird's eye perspective of the whole lifespan of your client on one screen.

Best Suited For:

Any business may utilize ActiveCampaign. It helps to make marketing initiatives and promotions better. It offers a variety of templates, which makes it much simpler to swiftly and effectively handle the sending of pre-processed emails in accordance with each circumstance.


It lacks personalization functionality for cold emailing.


$15 per month

10. Keap

Keap is a straightforward and reliable platform that offers small businesses another useful marketing automation tool. Keap can help you generate more leads by gathering leads, organizing client details, and triggering the subsequent step to increase sales. Personalization in marketing is yet another useful aspect of the instrument. Use Keap's carefully selected templates, distribute them to segmented lists in your database, and take pleasure in the outcomes.


  • It offers account-based marketing and content marketing
  • It provides demand generation and digital analytics
  • It offers email marketing and event management

Best Suited For:

Keap assists small businesses in various sectors with streamlining sales and managing client interactions. It allows you to send drip email campaigns, follow-up communications, and social media posts. It also lets you set up automated invoicing, payment reminders, and other features.


It charges a monthly fee for several third-party software integrations.


$189 per month.

11. Userfox

Userfox is a new marketing automation tool. It offers a simple user interface and is made to send emails in response to certain occurrences. With Userfox’s automation capabilities, you can increase your client base, obtain demographic data for your marketing campaigns, and obtain other crucial information.


  • It provides A/B testing on emails
  • It lets you create personalized emails
  • It increases customer retention through custom email triggers

Best Suited For:

Userfox is great for IT companies. If sending emails in response to events is vital to you, Userfox is an excellent option since it offers a lightweight UI.


$49 per month

Criteria for Selection: Key Factors We Considered While Compiling This List

Feature Set and Functionality

The selection process began by thoroughly examining the feature set and functionality of each marketing automation software. We looked for platforms that offered a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline marketing campaigns, nurture leads, and optimize customer engagement. Key features included email marketing automation, social media automation, lead scoring, dynamic content personalization, A/B testing, workflow automation, and CRM integration. Software that provided a wide range of functionalities to meet the diverse needs of businesses was given priority.

User Experience and Interface

We understand that user experience plays a vital role in successfully adopting and utilizing marketing automation software. Therefore, we assessed the user interface of each platform for intuitiveness, ease of navigation, and overall user-friendliness. We paid special attention to the availability of pre-designed templates, drag-and-drop editors, and the ability to create custom workflows with minimal technical knowledge. Additionally, we evaluated the responsiveness and mobile compatibility of the software to ensure marketers can access and manage campaigns on the go.

Scalability and Flexibility

As businesses grow, their marketing automation needs to evolve as well. To accommodate businesses of all sizes, we focused on selecting software that demonstrated scalability and flexibility. We looked for solutions that could easily adapt to changing demands, handle increasing data volumes, and support a growing number of users. Additionally, platforms that offered tiered plans or customizable packages to cater to the specific requirements of businesses were given extra consideration.

Automation Capabilities

Automation is at the core of marketing automation software. We assessed the automation capabilities of each platform, considering the diversity of channels supported for automation, such as email, social media, SMS, and web push notifications. Advanced automation features, including event-triggered workflows, conditional logic, and personalized customer journeys, were given preference. Moreover, we looked for software that leveraged artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize automation processes and improve campaign performance.

Data Management and Analysis

Accurate data collection, management, and analysis are essential for making data-driven marketing decisions. During the evaluation process, we examined how each marketing automation software handled data integration, storage, and organization. We prioritized platforms that seamlessly integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and other data sources to centralize customer information. Additionally, robust real-time analytics and reporting capabilities were considered to assess the software's ability to measure marketing campaign success and identify areas for improvement.


As we wrap up our exploration of the top 11 marketing automation software to check out this year, it's clear that these tools aren't just mere options, but essential companions on the journey to success. From the versatility of Marketo to the intuitive interface of HubSpot, each contender brings a unique flavor to the table. 

Whether you're a startup seeking efficiency or an established enterprise aiming to scale, these automation solutions offer the promise of streamlined workflows, enhanced customer engagement, and growth opportunities. So, go ahead, seize the reins of automation, and unlock your marketing potential!

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