Top 5 Ways in Which Salesforce Impacts Customer Experience

how salesforce impacts customer experience
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Apr 09, 2021
  • Updated on: Mar 31, 2023
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You are a modern-day company, right? Then you should have nothing but the best at your disposal when it comes to technology and innovation. Even the smallest aspect of customer experience between you and your customers should be handled with finesse and have a positive impact on your business revenue. 

Using a customer relationship management (CRM) tool like Salesforce is one way of ensuring that you nail customer service performance every time. But how can the Salesforce CRM tool help in improving customer experience? Let’s find out the details in this blog post.

Creating a Better Customer Service Performance with Salesforce

Offering excellent customer experience to enterprise customers can be challenging. Salesforce is considered to be a leading platform to enhance customer service for organizations of all sizes. 

Salesforce Service Cloud is a one-stop solution to cater to customer service needs and leverages the powerful Salesforce Einstein AI and automation capabilities to offer tailor-made solutions to customers. 

In 2021, we are moving towards a more customized approach to service and in order to offer accurate solutions, we need intelligent programming that can help predict customer behavior across different stages of the funnel and keep the conversation alive. 

So, can you leverage Salesforce to deliver better customer experiences? Of course you can. Salesforce is not just about different clouds in their portfolio, it represents a sophisticated set of tools that give you valuable insights about customer behavior. 

How does that help? Today, data is everything. When you have accurate information about your customers’ interests and corresponding purchases in the past, you can use the information to offer customized solutions for their needs. 

It builds an unseen trust between you and the customer, allowing you to nurture the relationship further and increase chances of upselling in the future. 

Here are some of the key benefits of using Salesforce to enhance your customer service performance:

1. Find the Right Customers with Salesforce!

The first step towards gaining a customer is taking the lead through different stages of the sales funnel. Every organization has their own way of generating and nurturing leads but the smartest ones focus on Full Funnel Optimization.

Converting leads can be tough unless you optimize every stage of the funnel. However, Salesforce makes your job easier by integrating all your marketing efforts into one robust CRM solution.

Both sales and marketing teams get an unparalleled view of leads in the funnel and can use the data to drive better customer engagements and convert them into paying customers.

2. Develop Customer Relationships that Matter

Gone are the days when closing a sale meant the end of a relationship with a customer. Today, nurturing customer relationships is the most important part of every business. A tool like Salesforce CRM can make the engagement process much easier and offer better solutions.

With relevant data at your fingertips, you do not have to restart conversations with your customers and can easily build on the rapport from the past. Not to forget, Salesforce allows you to follow up with your customers easily every time. 

3. Integrate Existing Tools and Third Party Apps Seamlessly

Your business already uses a wide range of tools that are well-suited to your workflow. But does opting for Salesforce CRM mean you have to give it all up? Absolutely not! In fact, Salesforce allows for a seamless integration with existing apps and tools in your technology stack.

These integrations allow you to improve productivity and allows your teams to function more efficiently. Salesforce even lets you create tailor-made apps or use pre-integrated apps that are in sync with your business objectives.

4. Create Self-Service Community for Your Customers and Agents

Having a community for your customers and agents allows you to take the next step towards delivering exceptional customer experiences. A self service community allows your customers to interact with each other, ask questions and find resolutions instantly. 

Create self-service community with Salesforce
Source: Salesforce

Not only does this give more breathing time to your service agents, but it also helps you create a knowledge base that can be used to resolve the queries of your customers in the future. 

And while these communities are easily accessible, they are monitored by Salesforce and in case users are not able to find an answer, you can assign a specialist in real time.

You can also create dashboards and reports about customer’s usage statistics on the community. This data can then be used by sales, marketing and service teams to create more efficient solutions for customer needs. 

5. Pay Attention to Customer Success

In the past, KPIs for customer service only consisted of the number of calls taken and the time taken to resolve them. However, as marketing becomes more sophisticated, so does customer service. 

Today, you need to get better insights into customer behavior and Salesforce allows you to do so effectively. By using Salesforce CRM, you can develop customer-focused KPIs to measure your service team’s performance. These include:

  • The average time taken from order to delivery
  • Total number of queries raised about a product or service
  • Time taken in processing refunds
  • Overall customer retention rate 
  • Time taken to respond to a query

In a Nutshell

The best way to keep your customers loyal is to keep in touch with them consistently. Always respond to their queries in a timely manner and encourage them to share feedback at every possible opportunity.

Consistency, brand value and loyalty go hand in hand. When you improve the level of customer service, you boost satisfaction levels. Small but consistent improvements go a long way and memorable customer experiences follow suit. 

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