Marketo Sales: Enhancing Revenue and Boosting Customer Engagement

Marketo Sales: Enhancing Revenue and Boosting Customer Engagement
  • By Olympia Bhatt,
    Published on: Apr 25, 2023
  • Updated on: Apr 25, 2023
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Marketo Sales, a key component of Marketo's comprehensive marketing automation platform, has become indispensable for businesses looking to elevate their sales efforts. In this blog, we'll delve into Marketo Sales' powerful features and discuss how they can help companies enhance revenue, improve customer engagement, and streamline sales processes.

What Is Marketo Sales Connect?

Marketo Sales Connect is a powerful sales engagement solution in Marketo's marketing automation platform. It streamlines the sales process, providing a unified platform for sales and marketing teams to work together and optimize their efforts to drive revenue growth.

By integrating Marketo Sales Connect, users can access a wealth of real-time lead insights, digital playbooks, and analytics, all presented in a single-screen interface. This approach minimizes time navigating multiple applications and enables sales representatives to engage effectively with high-priority leads using proven best practices.

In addition, Marketo Sales Connect seamlessly integrates with Gmail, empowering sales professionals to promptly communicate with prospects. This integration enhances Gmail by incorporating email and attachment tracking, templates, marketing campaigns, sales campaigns, and scheduling features. Ultimately, Marketo Sales is a comprehensive tool bridging the gap between sales and marketing teams, leading to more meaningful interactions, higher conversion rates, and increased revenue.

What All Does Marketo Sales Connect Feature?

  1. Lead Insights Live Feed: Sales reps can quickly identify their most promising leads using real-time sales and marketing engagement insights. This feature helps prioritize leads and engage in relevant conversations to close deals more effectively.
  2. Digital Playbooks - Campaigns: These playbooks guide inbound and outbound sales teams with proven best practice engagements across multiple channels such as email, phone, social, and direct mail. They help maintain the right cadence and follow service level agreements.
  3. Content Templates: Using templates, sales teams can engage leads with appropriate content for each interaction. These include personalized emails, assets, and messages, enabling a scalable and self-service approach to sales outreach.
  4. Engagement Insights: Measure the impact of marketing and sales efforts on revenue and identify areas to optimize interactions and content for better engagement and results.
  5. Task Manager: The Task Manager provides sales reps with a prioritized list of tasks, streamlining their daily activities and ensuring efficient execution.
  6. Marketo Engage Integration: Marketo Sales Connect enhances the user experience by providing functionality in a single screen and integrating easily with Marketo's core apps, leading to more effective engagements, insights, and overall value.
  7. CRM and Email Client Integration: Marketo Sales Connect can be seamlessly integrated with popular CRM platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics and email clients like Gmail. This promotes better data sharing and communication between sales and marketing teams and allows sales professionals to manage their activities within their preferred email interface.

Marketo Sales Insight

Within the Marketo marketing automation platform, you will find the Marketo Sales Insight feature, which is specifically designed to help sales teams better understand their leads and prospects, make data-driven decisions, and ultimately close deals more effectively. 

It aims to bridge the gap between sales and marketing by providing real-time, actionable information about lead behavior, engagement, and buying readiness.

So, What Does Marketo Sales Insight Offer?

Marketo Sales Insight users are typically sales professionals and sales teams who leverage this add-on feature within its marketing automation platform. Here's a detailed breakdown of Marketo Sales Insight's key components:

  1. Lead Scoring: One of the primary functions of Marketo Sales Insight is lead scoring. By analyzing various engagement factors such as email opens, clicks, website visits, and form submissions, Marketo assigns a score to each lead. This helps sales reps prioritize their efforts by focusing on leads with the highest scores, which are more likely to convert.
  2. Lead Activity Tracking: Keep track of each lead's interactions with your marketing content. The platform provides a comprehensive view of a lead's engagement level by logging activities like website visits, email opens, clicks, and form submissions. This information enables sales reps to tailor their approach based on each lead's unique behavior and interests.
  3. Lead Nurturing: Leverage the platform's nurturing capabilities to keep leads engaged throughout the sales funnel. It includes personalized email campaigns, automated follow-ups, and targeted content based on a lead's interests and behavior. By nurturing leads effectively, sales teams can increase the likelihood of conversion and shorten the sales cycle.
  4. Customizable Dashboards and Reports: Sales teams can create custom dashboards and reports within Marketo Sales Insight to better understand lead interactions, preferences, and patterns. This data-driven approach helps inform sales strategies, improve decision-making, and optimize sales processes. Track metrics such as lead source, campaign performance, and conversion rates and analyze them to identify trends and areas for improvement.
  5. CRM Integration: Marketo Sales Insight integrates seamlessly with popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. This allows for a unified sales and marketing system, improving team communication and data sharing. By accessing the same data, sales, and marketing can work together more effectively to drive leads through the sales funnel and close deals.

Marketo Sales Insight Licenses 

Marketo Sales Insight is an add-on feature within the Marketo marketing automation platform. To access and use Marketo Sales Insight, you must purchase licenses for your sales team members.

Marketo offers different pricing tiers and plans based on the size and requirements of your organization. Contact the Marketo sales team or your account representative to obtain Marketo Sales Insight licenses. 

Remember that Marketo Sales Insight requires integration with your CRM system, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, to function effectively. You can easily integrate Marketo with Salesforce for better lead management and revenue generation. With Marketo in Salesforce, you can:

Sync lead and contact data: The integration ensures that both sales and marketing teams have access to the same lead and contact information, enabling better communication, collaboration, and lead management.

Align lead scoring and lead nurturing: Sync Marketo's lead scoring and nurturing capabilities with Salesforce so sales reps can prioritize and engage with leads based on their engagement levels and likelihood to convert.

Automate lead assignment: Configure Marketo to automatically assign leads to the appropriate Salesforce users or queues based on predefined criteria to quickly and efficiently route leads to the right sales reps.

Track campaign performance: By integrating Marketo and Salesforce, marketing teams can track campaign performance directly within Salesforce, allowing them to measure ROI and make data-driven decisions about their marketing strategies.

Monitor lead lifecycle: The integration provides a comprehensive view of a lead's lifecycle, from the initial acquisition to conversion into a customer. This visibility helps sales and marketing teams better understand and optimize their lead management processes.

And also, while it is easy to confuse Salesforce and Marketo, these are different products. The main difference between Salesforce and Marketo is their purpose. 

Salesforce is a customer relationship management to manage and track customer interactions, sales processes, and support activities. Sales teams mainly use it to organize leads, opportunities, and customer data, enabling them to manage the sales pipeline, track deals, and forecast revenue more effectively.

In contrast, Marketo is a marketing automation platform that streamlines marketing efforts, such as lead generation, nurturing, scoring, and analytics. Marketing teams primarily use it to create, execute, and analyze multi-channel marketing campaigns, including email, social media, and webinars, to engage leads and drive conversions.

Now the question is,

Why You Should Use Marketo

Using Marketo for sales and marketing provides several benefits to businesses looking to enhance their processes, improve collaboration, and boost overall performance. Here are some key reasons to use Marketo for sales and marketing:

  1. Align Sales and Marketing Efforts: Marketo facilitates better communication and collaboration between sales and marketing teams by providing a unified platform to manage leads, campaigns, and customer interactions. This alignment helps drive more leads through the sales funnel and ultimately improves conversion rates.
  2. Automate Marketing Tasks: Marketo allows marketing teams to automate repetitive tasks like email marketing, lead nurturing, and social media posting. Marketers can then focus on more strategic activities, such as optimizing campaigns and improving content quality.
  3. Lead Scoring and Prioritization: Marketo's lead scoring system helps sales reps prioritize leads based on engagement levels and conversion likelihood. This ensures that the sales team focuses on the most promising prospects, leading to more efficient use of resources and higher conversion rates.
  4. Personalization and Targeting: Marketo's advanced segmentation capabilities enable marketers to create highly targeted campaigns and personalized content based on a lead's behavior, demographics, and preferences. This results in more relevant and engaging marketing messages, which can improve conversion rates.
  5. Comprehensive Analytics: Marketo provides in-depth analytics and reporting features that help businesses measure the performance of their marketing campaigns, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. This enables continuous improvement and optimization of marketing strategies.
  6. Scalability: Marketo is scalable, making it easy to expand your marketing efforts and accommodate larger volumes of leads and campaigns as your organization grows.
  7. Integration with CRM and Other Systems: Marketo integrates seamlessly with popular CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics and other tools used by sales and marketing teams. This ensures a streamlined flow of data and a more efficient sales and marketing process.

Marketo Certifications

Anyone can use Marketo, and certification is not necessary to start using the platform. However, having Marketo certifications is an advantage as it demonstrates proficiency in the platform and helps build credibility in the industry.

Marketo offers various certification programs for users looking to improve their skills and knowledge in using the platform. These certifications include:

  1. Marketo Certified Associate (MCA): This entry-level certification is for individuals new to marketing automation and Marketo. It covers basic marketing concepts, digital marketing best practices, and the fundamentals of using Marketo.
  2. Marketo Certified Expert (MCE): This certification is for experienced Marketo users who deeply understand marketing automation and the Marketo platform. It validates users' ability to create, manage, and optimize Marketo programs, campaigns, and assets.
  3. Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA): This advanced certification is for individuals who can design, implement, and optimize complex solutions for organizations. It tests the user's expertise in integrating Marketo with other systems, such as CRM and data management platforms.

Begin your journey to becoming a Marketo Certified Expert using various resources and approaches. By utilizing the Marketo Certified Expert practice exam, engaging in a dedicated prep course, and referring to a comprehensive study guide, you can efficiently prepare for the Marketo Certified Expert exam. 

The exam itself is a key milestone in obtaining the prestigious certification, and enrolling in a Marketo expert certification course can further enhance your skill set. 

The Marketo expert practice exam is invaluable for gauging your readiness and identifying areas for improvement. Regardless of your location, even in India, these resources are available to assist you in pursuing Marketo expertise. Ultimately, achieving Marketo expert certification elevates your professional standing and can lead to a higher salary and expanded career opportunities in marketing automation.

Last 2 Cents

In conclusion, the sales world can sometimes feel like a labyrinth, but Marketo Sales is the trusty compass that guides you through the maze of leads, prospects, and opportunities. However, every great explorer needs a skilled navigator, and that's where Growth Natives comes in. 

As your go-to Marketo consultant, we'll help you chart the course to success by implementing Marketo effectively and aligning your sales and marketing strategies for maximum impact. Write to us at or call our toll-free number +1 855-693-4769 for a free consultation.

So, buckle up and let Growth Natives be the wind in your sales—er, sails—driving growth and prosperity for your business with Marketo Sales as our trusted ally.

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