The Future of Marketing Automation: Insights from Marketo Business Experts

The Future of Marketing Automation: Insights from Marketo Business Experts
  • By Subhadeep Bhattacharjee,
    Published on: Apr 11, 2023
  • Updated on: May 05, 2023
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"Business has only two basic functions – marketing and innovation." - Peter Drucker 

In the tech-savvy age, not only your products but your marketing campaigns also need an overhaul. The question is – are you investing in marketing automation? 

Marketing automation has become a crucial component of any modern marketing strategy. It allows businesses to streamline marketing efforts, nurture leads, and drive revenue growth. We have seen double-digit growth in the last few years, and there is no sign of stopping. According to research, the marketing automation industry will hit $25 billion this year

Leading the charge in the marketing automation space is Marketo Business. This platform has helped thousands of businesses worldwide to automate their marketing processes and stay ahead of the curve. As a team of Marketo business analysts, we have a fair share of experience using this tool. But what does the future hold for marketing automation? And how can businesses stay ahead of the game with Marketo Business? 

In this write-up, we will explore all you need to know about the future of marketing automation. We will also cover the role of a Marketo business analyst and how your business can gain from Marketo business.

The State of Marketing Automation Today

The marketing automation industry is currently experiencing rapid growth. This growth is driven by businesses of all sizes realizing the benefits of marketing automation. By automating repetitive tasks like email marketing and lead nurturing, marketers can save time and increase efficiency. With features like lead scoring and segmentation, marketing automation enables businesses to better target and engage with their audiences. 

In the post-Covid world, where a lot of focus is on personalizing the communication and experience for the end customer, as in a physical environment, marketing automation platforms are helping business improve their bottom line. Marketers can continually optimize their campaigns by tracking and analyzing customer behavior to drive better results. 

What Is Marketo Business?

Marketo Business is an all-encompassing marketing automation software enabling businesses to manage customer relationships and drive more leads. It provides companies with a robust platform to streamline digital marketing efforts, build personalized campaigns, and analyze data to maximize ROI. With the help of Marketo Business, your organization can make better decisions based on insights from their customers and prospects. With its intuitive user interface and robust features, Marketo Business has become popular for businesses looking to take their marketing to the next level.

Companies Using Marketo Business

The greatest testimony of the success of any tool lies in its users. Adobe, which acquired Marketo in 2018, has left no stone unturned in making it the first choice-marketing automation tool. From small businesses and start-ups to billion-dollar enterprises, Marketo has wide acceptance in the marketing automation space. Here are some of the companies using Marketo Business as their go-to marketing automation platform:

  • Adobe
  • Microsoft
  • LinkedIn 
  • General Electric 
  • Panasonic 

The Future of Marketing Automation

You know how marketing automation has revolutionized how businesses approach their marketing strategies, enabling them to streamline processes, better target their audiences, and ultimately drive revenue growth. 

But what does the future hold for marketing automation? As technology continues to evolve, so will the capabilities of marketing automation platforms. We, as a team, have studied the Marketo business case and drawn several insights on the future of marketing automation using Marketo and other automation tools. Here's our take on the future of marketing automation.  

Personalization Will Be Key

Marketing automation must adapt as consumers become more savvy and demand more personalized experiences. Marketo Business experts predict that personalization will be key to the future of marketing automation, with businesses needing to deliver highly targeted messages that resonate with their audiences. 

Businesses must leverage data and analytics to understand their customers better and deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels. Personalized email campaigns, dynamic website content, and targeted social media advertising is the way forward. 

Marketo Business is already incorporating personalization features into its platform. For example, the platform's email marketing capabilities allow you to personalize emails based on customer behavior and preferences. At the same time, the website personalization feature enables you to deliver unique website experiences based on visitor data.

AI and Machine Learning Will Drive Innovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are already making waves in marketing automation. We predict that these technologies will only become more important in the future. With AI and machine learning, you can leverage data to make more informed marketing decisions, automate complex tasks, and predict future customer behavior. 

For example, AI-powered lead scoring can help your team identify the most promising leads, while machine learning algorithms can automatically optimize campaigns based on customer behavior. Marketo's ContentAI feature uses machine learning to recommend content to website visitors based on their behavior automatically. Similarly, the AudienceAI feature segments audiences based on their interests.

Integration with Other Technologies Will Be Crucial

We will also see increased integration with other technologies. It will be crucial to the future of marketing automation. Count the marketing and CRM tools you use, and you will see the wide range of tools your organization needs to drive marketing efforts. As businesses adopt more marketing technologies, they must ensure they can work together seamlessly to provide a comprehensive solution. 

Marketo Business offers several integrations with other technologies to help your organization streamline marketing processes and improve the reach and performance of the marketing campaign. The automation platform integrates with Salesforce, Google Analytics, Linkedin, and Hootsuite, to name a few that 

Tips To Stay Ahead In Marketing Automation with Marketo Business

Marketo Business lets you take your marketing automation campaign to the next level. However, to get the best out of this tool, you must implement and optimize it to its full potential. Here are a few tips to help you stay ahead of the curve with Marketo business. 

Utilize Advanced Features

Marketo Business offers many features, including advanced analytics, personalization, and AI-powered automation. By utilizing these advanced features, you can gain deeper insights into their customers' behavior, create more personalized experiences, and automate their marketing processes more efficiently.

Embrace New Marketing Channels

As customer behavior changes, you must embrace new channels to reach your target audience effectively. Marketo Business provides businesses the tools to manage multiple channels, including email, social media, and mobile marketing. Explore channels you haven't used and run a pilot project to test the waters. 

Prioritize Data Privacy and Security

As a business, you collect tons of customer data from different channels. It is extremely important to prioritize data privacy and security. Marketo Business provides you with the tools that meet the standards of GDPR and CCPA, and ensure the security of customer data.

Hire Marketo Business Analysts

Marketo Business takes time to master. You must hire Marketo business analysts if your organization lacks in-house expertise. Marketo Engage business practitioners optimize customer data within the Marketo platform. They identify key insights from the customer data, develop strategies to improve marketing campaigns and analyze trends in correlations between customer behaviors. 

Marketo for Small Businesses

Marketo Business is often associated with larger enterprises. However, it is an extremely valuable tool for small businesses looking to take their marketing to the next level. Small businesses have more to gain from Marketo business as it reduces the need to hire and train people to manage marketing campaigns. Since the tool automates repetitive tasks, you can put your campaign on auto-pilot and work with a smaller marketing team. 

Marketo Business also offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, which can help small businesses gain deeper insights into their customer behavior and track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Using features such as dynamic content and personalization tokens, you can deliver targeted and relevant content to your audience, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

The cost of Marketo Business can seem a dampener for small businesses. However, it lets you work with a smaller team and run aggressive marketing campaigns at par with your rivals. 

Given the scalability and agility it brings to your marketing campaign, it is a value package. The pricing varies depending on each business's specific needs and requirements. The pricing starts at $1,250 per month. Isn't it worth the benefits? 

Final Thoughts

Marketing automation has become essential for businesses to streamline their marketing processes. It isn't optional if you want to improve marketing performance and drive revenue growth.

Marketo Business is an incredibly powerful marketing automation platform that offers businesses of all sizes a wide range of features and capabilities. It lets you create personalized experiences for your customers. It automates your marketing processes and lets you gain deeper insights into their customers' behavior. Embracing Marketo business will help you stay ahead of the curve and innovate your marketing strategies. 

If you wish to ride the growth curve with Marketo Business, Growth Natives can help. Our Marketo business analysts enhance your marketing efforts. If you want to learn more on Marketo business services or marketing automation, please don't hesitate to contact us. Write to us at or call our toll-free number, +1 855-693-4769.  


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