The Most Anticipated Features of Salesforce Spring 2021 Release

Salesforce Spring 2021 release
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Feb 17, 2021
  • Updated on: Mar 31, 2023
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Once again, it is time for the Salesforce Administrators, Consultants, and Developers to get excited about the new features and functionalities. The Salesforce Spring 2021 release is a much-welcomed distraction and will certainly offer opportunities to play around with the new updates. 

So, what can we expect from the new release? Is it just a bunch of new features on the surface, or are we getting ways to improve productivity and create a better UI? Let’s take a look at the most anticipated Salesforce Spring 2021 release features.

Lightning Page Performance

It’s been a long time coming and Salesforce Spring 2021 release is going to give us a feature that is overdue. The ability to analyze the performance of Lightning Pages. 

While the previous update gave users some information about a page’s load time, the Spring 2021 release’s Page Analysis feature will also let the users know about the predicted load time and performance by breaking down the components. 

Also, you will be able to analyze it all on your mobile devices. 

Salesforce Spring 2021 Release- Lightning Page Performance
Source: Salesforceben

Flow Updates

Every Salesforce update proves that Flow is the MVP of the Salesforce platform and Salesforce Spring 2021 release has done it again. 

Here are some standout updates that the Salesforce Spring 2021 release will feature:

  • Lightning Flow has a new name - Salesforce Flow and it also incorporates new features like Process Builder and Flow
  • You will now be able to set time-based flow actions
  • Multi-Column support will be allowed for screen elements
  • You will be able to access prior values in Record-Triggered Flows

Manual Sharing

This one is going to be a delight for admins everywhere as the Salesforce Spring 2021 release brings a ‘Sharing’ button in Salesforce Lightning. This feature will allow the users to share records with other users or groups as they used to do with Salesforce Classic. 

Manual Sharing - Salesforce Spring 2021 Release
Source: Salesforceben

Einstein Opportunity

Salesforce Einstein and AI are no longer nice to have, but an imperative for Salesforce users. And with the announcement that Einstein delivered more than 80 billion predictions a day, we can see the above statement true. 

A number of features including Salesforce Opportunity scoring are being offered for free. Previously, users needed 200 closed Opportunities to have the required data to make predictions. 

But with Salesforce Spring 2021 release, there will be new global scoring models. It will enable Salesforce customers to get up and running with Opportunity scoring a lot quicker. 

Relationships to Opportunity Product Object

This idea first came into being on IdeaExchange 12 years ago and this functionality is now going to be a reality. Users will be able to create relationships to the Opportunity Product object easily after the Salesforce Spring 2021 release comes into effect. 

Salesforce Spring 2021 Release - Einstein Opportunity
Source: Salesforceben

Salesforce Anywhere

Collaboration has always been at the forefront of Salesforce’s strategies. Salesforce Anywhere is a new suite that collaborates directly with Salesforce records. With Salesforce Spring 2021 release, Salesforce Anywhere will receive all the features from Quip.

Simply put, Quip will be rebranded as Salesforce Anywhere and it also starts speculations about making Slack a part of Salesforce Anywhere in the future.

Salesforce Meetings

The majority of interaction around the world is not virtual and this trend isn’t scaling back anytime soon. So, it is the perfect time to take a look at Salesforce Meetings. It is set to massively improve the way sales reps prepare and conduct interactions with their customers. The highlight features of the Salesforce Spring 2021 release are:

The Meeting Digest provides users with a summary of meetings that they are attending. The summary consists of attendees, opportunities discussed, tasks and activities assigned, and meeting insights. 

Secondly, the Meeting Studio provides a platform to engage prospects and customers virtually. It allows smooth content sharing and allows users to take notes, pen down the next step,s and collaborate with teams easily. 

Salesforce meeting - Salesforce Spring 2021 Release
Source: Salesforceben

Monitor Login Metrics

Salesforce has extended the Lighting Usage App functionality of Salesforce Org to provide users with login metrics. 

This update allows you to get out-of-the-box insights about the way different users are logging into your Org. You get to know whether they are accessing the org with SSO or two factor or even multi-factor authentication.  It is a way to tighten up how users access your org and then report on your success. 

Salesforce Spring 2021 Release - Monitor Login Metrics
Source: Salesforceben

In-App Learning

If you signed up for Pre-release Org, you must have noticed a button labeled ‘New’ on the top right section of your screen. This serves as a ‘Guidance Centre’ that facilitates an In-App Learning Experience.

This feature is created with an aim of enhancing internal training programs and make Salesforce learning easier for users. The Guidance Centre redirects users to relevant Trailhead modules based on a user’s role or the pages they visit. 

Salesforce Spring 2021 Release - In-app learning
Source: AutomationChampion

Article Answers

An interesting Salesforce statistic from November 2020 states that Einstein Bots are now being used extensively. There’s been a 300% increase in bot sessions since February 2020 that compounds the overall increase to 680% year-on-year growth. 

The spring release comes with a feature that will automatically suggest Knowledge articles to customers based on the engagement they have with a bot. This feature is going to build up Einstein bots into an imperative for service-based organizations. 

Moving Forward

And that’s a wrap! The Salesforce Spring 2021 release is just around the corner and we cannot wait to see all the features in action. The release itself aims to deliver an improved user experience and is likely to have an updated UI. 

Did we miss any updates, features, or functionalities in the Salesforce Spring 2021 release? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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