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7 Secret Tips to Create Thumb-Stopping Videos for Lasting Impression

In a world where attention spans are dwindling and social media is king, short-form videos have emerged as a powerful tool for captivating audiences.  With platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels taking center stage, it’s crucial to harness the potent

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Preparing for Cookieless Attribution and Measurement in Digital Advertising

Cookieless attribution will be challenging, but not impossible. The discussion around the replacement of technology for third-party cookies has mostly revolved around targeting and tracking. But the point that seems most likely to be forgotten is how the new w

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Facebook Messenger Marketing Guide for Ecommerce Businesses

Facebook Messenger was the fifth most downloaded app in 2021, with 1.3 billion monthly users worldwide!  More than 20 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and consumers every month on Facebook Messenger.  This is the

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How To Generate High-Quality Leads With LinkedIn Product Pages

Cultivating a huge following on LinkedIn is not easy but not impossible either. It needs to be met with suitable strategies as this is not exactly your average social media platform. You need to roll up your sleeves and craft a strategy that goes with the prof

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LinkedIn Product Page Best Practices: All You Need To Know

Over the last few years, LinkedIn has become one of the most influential online platforms for B2B organizations. Do you know why? Here’s the answer: Digitally trustworthy: According to Insider Intelligence, LinkedIn achieved the top spot in the digital trust

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Understanding Social Media ROI in B2B Marketing

When running a social media campaign, it’s pivotal to understand the value of time and resources you have invested compared to the results you have obtained.  With measurable results, you can understand how your audience is perceiving your ideas and wha

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Clubhouse Vs Twitter Spaces and How to Use Both

Drop-in audio chat app Clubhouse has created a real buzz since it was launched in March last year. The app has over 10 million weekly active users, growing up from 600,000 in December 2020. The impact has been so immense that social media platforms are scrambl

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Top 10 Social Media Engagement Strategies to Build Your Brand in 2023 and Beyond

“It’s a dialogue, not a monologue, and some people don’t understand that. Social media is more like a telephone than a television.”  – Amy Jo Martin, Founder and CEO of Digital Royalty One of the key components that have played a

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3 Best Strategies to Drive Engagement With Hashtags

Social media has put hashtags on the map! Today, you cannot scroll through any of the social media platforms without seeing hashtags on them. Whether you are searching for a trending topic, categorizing posts, or following up on a marketing action, hashtags ha

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