Web Analytics

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Web Analytics: Importance, Benefits, and the Best Tools

In today’s data-driven landscape, especially powered by AI, the key to unlocking the full potential of your online presence is through web analytics. Picture your website as a bustling market, with countless patrons wandering through, and web analytics as th

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Data Cleaning – All You Need to Know

​Did you know that B2B data decays at a rate of 35% annually? In other words, one-third of your business data becomes corrupt, irrelevant, or unusable in a year. And due to inaccuracy and irrelevancy of data that results in reduced productivity and waste of

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Digital Analytics: Why It Is Important and How To Get Started

Is digital analytics powering your business’ decision-making strategy? If not, you are likely to fall behind in the race.  Though we have seen immense growth in the adoption of data and analytics in decision-making, some small and medium businesses are

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Data Segmentation – Key to Generating Value to Your Business

Client satisfaction is the key responsibility of any business. More than anything, creating personalized products and services that meet consumers’ demands is essential. This is why data segmentation is considered as an effective strategy, as it depends on t

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Understanding Google Analytics for an Effective Marketing Strategy

86.1% of websites use Google Analytics. If this number doesn’t convince you, check the Google Analytics market position below. The sheer amount of data accessible and the difficulty in determining which portions of Google Analytics are most relevant to your

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7 Best Data Enrichment Tools to Integrate with Your Sales Process

Data enrichment is the process that allows businesses to merge or append different data sources together, creating a unified source which is much more valuable than each of its constituents separately. With the help of a correct strategy, the pool of customer

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The History and Evolution of Marketing Data

Today’s marketers are goal-oriented, data-driven, and result-oriented. With the advent of sophisticated marketing analytical tools, marketers are able to predict business trends and buying patterns within a few clicks. But, where did this all start? Let’s

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