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Marketo Cleanup
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Nov 01, 2019
  • Updated on: Feb 13, 2023
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A scheduled Marketo instance cleanup or data hygiene practices can make your Marketo perform at its best year-round. If you experience a slow working Marketo instance or you think it's not as agile as it's once was, then its time to clean it up. 

Removing unused/old data from your Marketo instance from time to time and following other database hygiene best practices are great ways to keep your marketing automation platform fresh and at peak performance.

Unlike wine, all aging data is not worth preserving. Marketo instance database is no different. Practicing data hygiene by performing scheduled Marketo cleanup can eventually result in an up to 20% increase in marketing team productivity.

According to a Gartner study, the poor quality data is the core reason that keeps 40% of all business, deprived of achieving their overall business goals. Moreover, it cost you even more in lost time and lost productivity making the total impact on your business quite high. 

Top Benefits of Performing Marketo CleanUp 

Performing Marketo Instance cleanup will surely result in a healthier automation management system, better performance, quality leads, and personalized customer experiences. Here is a list of some prime benefits that you can get from instance cleanup. 

Saves Money: Your Marketo pricing tier is decided on the leads count in your database. By regular flushing of the unused data, you can avoid the need to move to a higher tier and the associated increase in the subscription fee.

Cleans bad data: Keeping dirty data in your marketing database can mislead other metrics you set for marketing campaigns. Identifying the bad data and removing it ensure you maintain and preserve the valuable leads in your Marketo database. 

Identifying Fake Accounts:  With the help of various tools and filters, such as ‘name, validation,’ you can automatedly identify the unusable contact information. This way, you can quickly figure out fake accounts and block them out of your lead database.

Coping with Contact Data Change: Referring to a report by Marketo, more than 70% of contact data will change or go wrong within a year. Doing Marketo cleanup provides a chance to diagnose and deal with such bad contact data. There are tools for Lead validation that can help identify and retain only valid leads.

Better Lead segmentation and Effective Content Strategy: The cleaner your database, the better you can examine, identify and segment the qualified leads. An organized lead database makes it easier to send highly personalized emails or content to such validated leads and expect better Conversion Rates from your marketing campaigns.

The sooner you get started with the Marketo cleanup, the earlier you can improve your database health and overall performance. But make sure to deploy a specialized person to take care of this job. If you have any Marketo experts in your in-house team- it's great; otherwise, hiring a consultant is a good option. Since it will require time, effort, and Marketo knowledge only an experienced person can execute this job well. 

Managing Various Marketo Assets

In addition to the lead data, the following is the recommended list of assets that you must audit and cleanse from time to time as indicated in the table below:

TIP: Double-check to ensure if you really don't need these assets for any future process; otherwise, archive this instead of erasing it.

It is recommended to get your Marketo health audit periodically done, to cross-check if you are on the right track. Cleaning up a huge mess (data cluttering in Marketo Database) at once will take lots of time, money and efforts.

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