The What, the Why, and the How of the Marketo Partner Programs

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In the ever-evolving world of marketing automation, staying ahead of the curve is essential for your business success. One way to gain a competitive edge, access powerful marketing tools, and enhance your service offerings is by becoming a partner with leading marketing automation platforms like Marketo with the help of a reliable Marketo agency.  

When you join the Marketo Partner Program, you’re laying the foundation for a deeper relationship with your customers and a new growth phase for your team. In addition to revenue share on deals you bring to Marketo and manage over time, it gives you exclusive benefits at every tier.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the nitty-gritty of the Marketo Partner Program and how it can help you access resources, tools, and information to grow your business through deeper relationship marketing.

Understanding the Marketo Partner Program and Its Key Components

The Marketo Partner Program is a collaboration initiative offered by Marketo. This program is designed to establish partnerships with various companies, organizations, and marketo marketing agencies to enhance the capabilities and reach of Marketo's marketing automation solutions. Here are the key components and aspects typically associated with the Marketo Partner Program:

  • Partner Types: The program typically encompasses different partner types, including reseller partners, salesforce CPQ partners, marketo consulting partners, technology partners, and business automation agency partners. Each partner type serves a specific role in the program.
  • Reseller Partners: These partners typically are marketing automation agencies that resell Marketo's marketing automation software to end-users. They often provide sales, implementation, and support services related to Marketo's products.
  • Consulting Partners: Consulting partners are typically Marketo consulting agencies or firms specializing in marketing strategy, digital marketing, and automation. They offer services such as strategy development, campaign execution, and data analytics using Marketo's platform.
  • Technology Partners: Salesforce CPQ partners develop and offer complementary technology solutions or integrations that enhance the functionality and capabilities of Marketo's platform. It can include tools for analytics, data management, content creation, and more.
  • Agency Partners: Agency partners are often marketing automation agencies that provide services related to Marketo's platform. They may offer assistance with marketing campaign management, creative services, and strategic consulting.
  • Training and Certification: Marketo often provides training and certification programs for marketo consultants to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to use and implement Marketo's solutions effectively.
  • Marketing and Sales Support: Partners in the program typically receive marketing collateral, sales resources, and support from Marketo to help them promote and sell Marketo's solutions to clients.
  • Access to Marketo Resources: Partners may gain access to Marketo's technical support, customer resources, and product updates, ensuring that they can deliver the best possible services to their clients.
  • Lead Generation and Co-Marketing Opportunities: The program may offer lead generation opportunities and co-marketing initiatives, allowing us to collaborate with Marketo on marketing campaigns and initiatives.
  • Financial Benefits: Depending on the partner type and level of engagement, partners may receive financial incentives, discounts, or commissions based on their sales or contributions to the Marketo ecosystem.

Different Types of Marketo Partner Programs

Marketo offers different types of partner programs to accommodate various business needs and objectives. These are

1. Marketo Engage Partner Program

The Marketo Engage Partner Program is intended for marketo consultants committed to offering mid-market and corporate clients marketing automation services. Several resources and advantages are available to partners in this initiative, including:

  • Co-marketing options and co-branding possibilities for events and webinars are available to partners that want to use Marketo's marketing channels to promote their products and services.
  • Partner Marketplace: Marketo's partner marketplace is a list of approved partners. It enables customers to discover the best partner for their requirements and allows partners to advertise their products and services.
  • Partners get access to a dedicated account manager who can guide them through the Marketo platform and offer assistance as needed.
  • Partners may use Marketo University's training and certification programs to advance their platform expertise and skill sets.

2. Marketo Sky Partner Program

The Marketo Sky Partner Program is intended for business and salesforce CPQ partners committed to offering marketing automation solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. Several resources and advantages are available to partners in this initiative, including:

  • Co-marketing options and co-branding possibilities for events and webinars are available to partners that want to use Marketo's marketing channels to promote their products and services.
  • Partner Marketplace: Marketo's partner marketplace is a list of approved partners. It enables customers to discover the best partner for their requirements and allows partners to advertise their products and services.
  • Partners get access to a dedicated account manager who can guide them through the Marketo platform and offer assistance as needed.

Key Benefits of Becoming a Marketo Partner

Becoming a Marketo partner offers a range of benefits for businesses looking to enhance their marketing capabilities, expand their services, and drive growth. Here are some key benefits of becoming a Marketo partner:

  • Increased Visibility

As a partner marketo agency, you'll have access to Marketo's partner directory, which displays all of the company's approved partners. It might help you increase awareness and attract new clients seeking marketing automation services. Furthermore, Marketo promotes its partners regularly through its marketing channels, offering further exposure for your company.

  • Enhanced Credibility

You can use the Marketo brand and its reputation for marketing automation competence as a Marketo marketing agency. Clients will notice that you have met Marketo's stringent certification and experience standards, which can help generate trust for your company.

  • More Revenue Opportunities

As a Marketo partner, you'll have access to various income options, such as referral fees, co-marketing possibilities, and access to Marketo's partner marketplace. It can help you gain sales and expand your firm.

  • Access to Resources And Support

Marketo provides its partners various services and assistance, including training and certification programs, continuous education, and dedicated account management. It may assist you in staying current with the newest marketing automation trends and methods to provide your clients with the finest service possible.

  • Great Collaboration Opportunities

As a member of the Marketo Partner community, you can cooperate with other partners and exchange best practices. It can assist you in expanding your network, learning from others, and even forming collaborations or referral agreements with other Marketo partners.

Resources and Tools Available for the Marketo Partners

As a Marketo partner, you'll have access to various valuable resources and tools to support your business and enhance your ability to deliver marketing automation solutions to clients. These resources are designed to help you succeed in your partnership with Marketo. While the specific offerings may evolve, some typical resources and tools are available for Marketo partners.

1. Marketo Partner Portal

The Marketo Partner Portal is a single location where partners may have access to various resources, such as product details, sales and marketing materials, and training materials. The platform also has features for managing leads and opportunities and monitoring partners' performance and advancement.

2. Marketo University

Marketo University provides a variety of training and certification courses to enhance the salesforce CPQ partners' proficiency with the Marketo platform. These courses cover various subjects, from fundamental ideas in marketing automation to cutting-edge methods for improving campaigns and workflows. Partners have the option of taking Marketo University courses online or in person.

3. Marketo Community

The Marketo Community is an online discussion board where partners may contact other Marketo users, ORM agencies, and subject matter experts to exchange questions and best practices, and stay up to speed on the most recent trends and advancements in the market. The community also offers a variety of resources, including blog entries, webinars, and product documentation.

4. Marketo Partner Marketplace

Customers may select the ideal partner for their needs using the Marketo Partner Marketplace, a list of approved marketing automation agencies or partners. Partners may promote their products and services in the market, which can help them draw in more customers and increase their income.

5. Co-Marketing Opportunities

Partners can use co-branding options for events, webinars, and Marketo's marketing platforms to promote their products and services. It may aid partners in gaining more recognition and authority within the sector and lure new customers.

6. Dedicated Account Management

A professional account manager who can guide partners through the Marketo platform and offer support as necessary is available to them as part of the Marketo Partner Program. For partners who are new to the program or who are working on challenging clients or campaigns, this can be especially helpful.

How to Become a Marketo Partner?

Becoming a partner marketo agency typically involves a structured application and evaluation process. Remember that the specific requirements and steps may change over time, so it's essential to refer to the official Marketo website or contact Marketo directly for the most up-to-date information. However, here are general steps to give you an idea of what the process might entail:

  • Assess Your Company's Capability

Before seeking to become a Marketo partner, you should evaluate your company's capabilities in marketing automation, particularly with the Marketo platform. Marketo is looking for partners with at least two years of experience in digital marketing, marketing automation, and implementation. Consider if your team has the abilities and assets needed to be a successful Marketo partner.

  • Fill Out An Application to Become a Partner

Visit Marketo's website and complete an application form to become a Marketo partner. This form will provide basic company information and details about your marketing automation expertise and skills.

  • Meet the Eligibility Criteria

Marketo has various conditions for marketo consultants who want to join the program. These prerequisites include having at least two certified Marketo specialists on your team, references from at least three successful Marketo deployments, and at least two years of marketing automation expertise.

  • Complete Marketo Certification

To become a Marketo partner, your team must include at least two certified Marketo specialists. The Marketo Certification Program consists of a series of online courses and tests.

  • Marketo Certified Associate
  • Marketo Certified Expert
  • Marketo Certified Solutions Architect
  • Marketo Certified Master

All these courses cover the facets of the Marketo platform, including marketing automation, marketo consulting, email marketing, lead management, and analytics. The program is intended to guarantee that Marketo partners have the knowledge and competence to perform successful marketing campaigns on the Marketo platform.

  • Attend Partner Enablement Training

After being approved into the partner program, you must complete Partner Enablement Training. This course is intended to help partners become more acquainted with Marketo's platform and understand how to effectively use it to assist customers in meeting their marketing objectives. Marketo's architecture, best practices for implementation, and advanced features are all covered in the class.

  • Build Your Team's Skills

Marketo partners receive continual training and assistance to keep them up to speed on the latest marketing automation trends and techniques. To continue developing their team's expertise, partners may access online training tools, attend webinars and workshops, and join a community of Marketo professionals. This training is critical for remaining up to date on the newest marketing automation trends and methods.


In a marketing world where data-driven marketing and automation are essential for success, the Marketo Partner Program emerges as a strategic ally. Whether you want to expand your services, enhance your technological capabilities, or elevate your client offerings, this program empowers you to reach new heights.

The Marketo Partner Program isn't just about collaboration. It's about unleashing growth, enhancing client experiences, and staying at the forefront of marketing innovation. It's your pathway to marketing excellence in a dynamic and competitive world.

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Marketo Partner Programs are initiatives designed to collaborate with various types of partners, including agencies, consultants, technology providers, and resellers, to help businesses implement and optimize Marketo’s solutions effectively.

Benefits include access to training and certification programs, co-marketing opportunities, sales and technical support, lead generation programs, product discounts or incentives, and the ability to leverage Marketo’s brand and reputation to attract new clients or customers.

Businesses should consider joining Marketo Partner Programs to gain access to resources, expertise, and support that can help them maximize the value of their Marketo investment, accelerate their marketing efforts, and achieve better results.

Types of partners include Agency Partners, who provide marketing services and expertise to clients using Marketo; Technology Partners, who offer complementary solutions or integrations with Marketo’s platform; and Reseller Partners, who resell Marketo’s products and services to their own clients.

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