9 Amazing Features, 1 Ultimate Tool: Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Marketers

9 Amazing Features, 1 Ultimate Tool: Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Marketers
  • By Rahul Saini,
    Published on: Mar 30, 2023
  • Updated on: Apr 24, 2023
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Digital marketers face a common challenge that hinders them from unleashing their full potential to boost their company's growth. What's that, you ask? It's the time and effort required to manage and analyze siloed systems.

Luckily, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has revolutionized the data analytics and digitization of services across all sectors. With this suite of tools, marketers can easily formulate cloud marketing strategies to attract, convert, and retain customers throughout their buyer's journey.

However, despite the benefits of the Salesforce marketing cloud engagement suite, managing separate platforms can make data analytics time-consuming, preventing marketers from fully capitalizing on their efforts.

Salesforce marketing cloud accounts engagement takes into account the needs of its clients better than anyone else. It has proven to be the ultimate solution provider for businesses.

In 2014, Salesforce acquired ExactTarget to add an integrated marketing automation tool to its suite of solutions. Over time, this tool has undergone numerous upgrades to keep up with the ever-changing market demands. Today, it stands as one of the top marketing cloud platforms available that combine the efforts of all marketing and business teams.

But what are the most important features when using Salesforce marketing cloud account engagement? You can use the Salesforce marketing cloud in many different ways to create the perfect cloud marketing strategy for your business.

Therefore, you must learn how different features add value to your cloud marketing strategy. So, on that note, let's dive into the details of different Salesforce Marketing Cloud features.

Journey Builder

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder, you can create personalized journeys for each customer at scale. By enabling collaboration between your sales and marketing teams, you can provide customers with a more relevant and connected experience than ever before.

Journey Builder also puts the power in your customers' hands, allowing them to choose how, when, and where they want to engage with your brand. With this level of personalization, you'll be putting the old saying "the customer is king" on a pedestal.

Not only can Journey Builder help you optimize marketing cloud account engagement at every step of the funnel, but you can also automate it.

For example, you can offer rewards programs for customers in the onboarding stage, and for those who've abandoned their carts, you can provide discount and loyalty program details. You can even streamline marketing efforts through your customers' preferred channels and ensure ideal after-sales services.

Email Studio

Generic, one-size-fits-all emails are not the right way to foster marketing cloud account engagement. This is where Email Studio by Salesforce enables you to add more personalization to your marketing efforts.

With Email Studio, you can connect with your customers using the most relevant information and set them on a personalized journey with your brand. And the best part? You can simplify the entire process with easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionalities.

Social Studio

The best way to achieve high Marketing Cloud account engagement is to connect with your customers on social media meaningfully. Social Studio lets you connect your sales, marketing, and service teams with your customers on social media channels.

With real-time details on what your customers say about your brand and competitors, you'll gain valuable insights into their sentiments and offer personalized solutions right then and there.

Social Studio also allows your sales and service teams to respond directly to customer queries and grievances, ensuring that your customers always feel heard and valued. And with integrated partner apps and a built-in photo editor, you can easily add content to your social media campaigns and customize your post's images on the platform.

Advertising Studio

Salesforce's Advertising Studio is the ultimate tool to revolutionize your advertising efforts. It helps you synchronize your advertising with your business's CRM data, making it easier to optimize your campaigns for a more seamless and relevant one-to-one journey for your customers.

By storing all your data in a more secure environment, you can access insights vital for optimizing your advertising campaigns.

Advertising Studio also allows you to create personalized experiences for your customers at every stage of their journey, regardless of their position in the sales funnel.

Integrating the tool with Journey Builder allows you to streamline your advertising efforts across multiple channels, such as emails, social media, and Google searches.

You can even use the Advertising Studio to manage your display advertising ecosystem by identifying lookalikes of your buyer personas and creating targeted campaigns to reach them.

Mobile Studio

Salesforce understands the importance of mobile devices in our lives and has included a dedicated Mobile Studio in its Marketing Cloud suite. With the Mobile Studio, you can connect with your customers through personalized mobile messaging, such as SMS, push notifications, and chat app messages.

The Mobile Studio comes equipped with pre-built templates that make it easy to personalize your messages and foster meaningful Salesforce marketing cloud account engagement among your user base. You can also use it to send messages for opt-ins and grow your subscriber base.

The Mobile Studio also has standard templates for all notifications, from real-time shipping tracking to appointment reminders, time-sensitive fraud alerts, and alerts for changes in customer accounts. You can even connect the Mobile Studio to your customers' mobile apps to collect insights and send them information on your sales.

Interaction Studio

This cutting-edge platform creates a seamless journey for your customers at every touchpoint of your brand. With built-in features that integrate all the information about your customers' engagement with your brand, you'll have a complete overview of their journey with you, whether online or offline.

Also, with real-time insights from your customers, your marketing and service teams can build an engagement profile over their intents and preferred channels. That means you can take the next best step for promoting your marketing efforts at the precise right time, using tools like the journey builder and mobile studio.

The Analytics Builder

It takes customer data analysis to a whole new level. With all the essential tools for getting real-time and comparative insights from varied channels like email, mobile, social media, and advertisements, you can create custom reports that draw even more actionable insights.

Plus, with easy drag-and-drop functionality, you can create a matrix that provides better visualization of multiple campaigns and their effects on customer loyalty status.

The Marketing Command Center

Considered the hub of all your Salesforce marketing cloud engagement efforts, the Marketing Command Center brings together your marketing, service, and sales teams for better collaboration. With real-time insights into your customers' digital interactions and an overview of your marketing campaigns across all channels, you can track your progress and monitor your competitors.

Discover trends in your market niche, learn what excites your customers, and track your social servicing team's progress in resolving issues.


This tool uses data science to grow your customer base quickly by optimizing your marketing efforts with predictive outputs. By assigning scores to individuals based on key factors discovered through market research, Einstein helps you identify the best customers and create campaigns for them.

You can also create segments of interested individuals similar to your best customers but not yet your customers, optimizing your efforts to extend your reach and improve overall ROI.

But Einstein isn't just for finding new customers. You can also use it to create an intelligent journey for your target audience, using predictive analysis to optimize their experience at every step. With Einstein, you'll get more predictive insights at every stage of the customer journey, simplifying the process of improving customer growth and optimizing your marketing efforts.

Wrapping Up

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