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Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions allow you to chalk out customer interactions, make predictions and foster relationships with engaged customers. Growth Natives leverages accurate insights to create scalable and secure platforms that seamlessly integrate all departments of your business.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Planning and Strategy

Marketing becomes a lot easier with a tactical plan of action that can assist in engagement, determine targets, allocate budgets and fix a timeline for marketing endeavours. We create a blueprint based on your objectives and create a solution that will help you with:

  • Using available data for create a customer-centric view
  • Developing automated processes that are in synch with your goals
  • Improving engagement with omni-channel approach
  • Analysing customer life cycle to map their journeys and interactions
  • Getting detailed performance review with proper framework


Eliminate guesswork and drive your customer journeys in a customized manner. Use strategic guidance and data to guide your customers on a preferred journey based on their existing decision making. We automate customer journeys, improve marketing, manage campaigns, improve engagement and nurture leads. Our implementation process includes:

  • Determining your needs and objectives with scope exploration
  • Developing a solution that is in conjunction with your milestones
  • Salesforce marketing cloud setup and configuration
  • Automating all data sources and developing assets like landing pages and emails
  • Building customer journeys with integrate campaigns

Marketing Campaign Analytics

Make sense of data and make informed decisions. Adjust your customer engagement campaigns in real-time to foster smarter communication with them. Take your marketing efforts to the next level with a 360 degree view of marketing cloud analytics that help with:

  • Data optimization
  • Creating interactive executive dashboards
  • Real-time data reporting and analytics
  • Complete data warehousing
  • On-demand exporting

Marketing Campaign Integration

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to campaign automation. Get marketing automation solutions that are tailored to your business applications and accelerate omni-channel marketing efforts with our tools and accelerators. Our Saleforce marketing cloud campaign integration helps you with:

  • Tailor-made development solutions
  • Optimized accelerator tools
  • Interoperability with cross-platform integration
  • Social platforms optimization
  • Streamlining online ads campaigns

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