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  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Oct 07, 2019
  • Updated on: Feb 13, 2023
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What exactly is a Marketo Audit?

 The Marketo Health Audit is a comprehensive review of your running marketing automation processes. This Marketo health checkup includes the technical and operational implications of Marketo. It also consists of a thorough check of the processes within Marketo and its integration with CRM. Most audits also examine if your current plan is leveraging the prescribed Marketo best practices or not.

You might feel satisfied with your current Marketo applications setup, but there is always a scope of betterment; especially if you get it reviewed by experts. This is what we at AtCore Digital, do for you under our "Marketo Health Audit" services.   

Benefits of Performing Marketo Health Audit

Let's examine the various benefits; a business will get from a well-conducted "Marketo Health Audits."

1) Lead Lifecycle & Scoring Insights

Lead lifecycle and scoring are significant elements of your demand generation strategy. They help in securing a required lead handoff between your sales and marketing teams. The Marketo health audit studies your customer's online behaviors and can help identify the ideal lead lifecycle.

Scoring leads based on prospects' behavior allows you to categorize the qualified leads to enhance revenue performance. Lead Scoring of your visitors based on the web activity is a prime component of a Marketo audit. The audit must help you to decide if the current lead scoring model is right or not.

2) Optimizing Engagement Marketing

Getting your Marketo Audit done by professionals must provide you a clear picture of the performance of your communication efforts. To make any marketing program a success; a perfect mix of communication streams is required. 

You need to serve your targeted audience with the relevant content depending upon the stage within your sales funnel. Whether it's your running email marketing campaign or you are planning to launch a new one; it should engage your customer. Marketo health audit with engagement marketing perspective should include the following:

  • Categorization of customers based on their individual behavior, choices, and demographics.
  • Making you aware of possible gaps that you can close wrt communication and engagement with customers by building automated campaigns.  
  • Optimizing your current engagement marketing campaigns by providing suggestions for automated A/B testing. 

Source: Common Marketo Implementation Challenges to Avoid. You better read this to get a deep insight into what you should avoid scoring good in "Marketo Health Audit."

3) Help Define Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy

Marketers tend to consider ABM as simply creating tiers for targeting customers. Whereas this is a common misconception doing Marketo health audit can help fill the gaps. Here is what it should be covering for you:

  • How to best set up managing account insight and profiling.
  • Identifying valid target accounts while using data and AI.
  • Tracking Account engagement scoring on various leads.
  • Opportunities for streamlining various ABM channels

 4) Thorough Marketing Analytics

No marketing campaign is complete without considering the marketing analytics. Marketo has a bunch of in-built analytic features and tools. A well-conducted Marketo Audit will ensure if the analytics in place are sufficient to help you make the right decisions when allocating your resources and budget. The Marketo Audit must:

  • Scrutinizing your customer journey and provide insights into prospects' behavior throughout the funnel.
  • Help you develop a flexible ad hoc reporting dashboard; that gives you actionable insights.

 5) Dynamic Web Personalization

The one-to-one interaction or web personalization experience can convert your prospects into customers. The more you make your targeted audience feel special and attended personally, the more chances you get to bag them. Marketo is capable of providing a personalized experience to engage deeply with your prospects. 

The Marketo Health Audit will let you know if you are going in the right direction. 

The story doesn't end here. There are so many Marketo applications that can contribute to achieving your business goals, but if leveraged in the right way. 

We would love to help you while selecting the Marketo applications that fit your marketing campaigns today… and tomorrow. You can ask us to get a detailed Marketo health audit to know the loopholes so that you can streamline your efforts. Write to us  

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