How to Revive Old Sales Leads to Improve Conversion?

Old Sales Leads
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Dec 10, 2019
  • Updated on: Mar 30, 2023
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What about those old sales leads from the last few months that did not convert to sales? No qualified lead should go to waste even if it is not responding right now. According to a survey by Wilmington Design Co., 73% of marketing leads are not sales-ready, but with a persistent strategy in place, you can achieve higher conversions.

If you have too many inactive or rejected leads, that either means your marketing and sales team is targeting the wrong audience or your process is not optimized for driving conversions.

5 Proven Tactics to Revive Old Sales Leads to Improve Conversion

this post, we have explained a tried and tested method for reviving conversions from your presumed dead leads. Practicing these ideas will keep your inactive leads engaged, and improving sales over time.

Omni Channel Nurturing

We are living in the marketing automation tools era and must leverage it to revive your old sales leads (qualified). Complementing your traditional phone call with systematic nurture campaigns leveraging e-mails, social media, SMS can increase the chances of converting these old leads into actual sales by 50–70%. Reaching out to your old leads with new content and works, and your prospects may show a renewed interest in your product/services. Have a persona-based middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel nurture strategy in place for all your leads. Don't just leave it on sales once a lead has been handed over, continue the marketing nurture to increase the chances of achieving a sale. 

Get a Reason to Re-Connect

Instead of calling your old sales leads and reminding them about your previous conversation, get a more valuable reason to follow up. Like a new product launch or a special discount. Another worthy strategy is to follow your leads on social media and track changes happening at the leads company and their personal career. Interjecting at the right moment can revive interest. For example - If you are selling event management services and learn your prospect company just announced a customer conference engaging at that time might revive interest.  This will also leave a good impression and make them feel you care. Reconnecting should be about the lead's lifecycle, not about pushing sales.

Revive old sales lead

Re-schedule Your Contact Routine

Change your routine of outreach, the time and the day. For example, if you are trying to contact your lead in the morning hours and never get your calls answered, it could simply because it is not the right time to contact them. This is a very simple yet proven effective tactic to engage with non-responsive leads.

Leverage Social Media to Engage Old Sales Leads

In no way, you can underestimate the power of social media or think of ignoring it when it comes to nurturing qualified leads. Tapping your potential clients through various social media channels can help to develop a relationship with your audience. Be it LinkedIn or Twitter; you get an opportunity to interact with your prospects directly. You can drop a personal message, respond to their post, use the hashtag they are following, or even email or make a call.

Perform Periodic CleanUp and Update Your Data

Keep your data clean and organized so that your sales team can pitch only to qualified leads and target the right prospects when trying to revive old leads. The performance of the sales and marketing team depends on the quality of lead data. A clean and regularly updated database can make the sales process be more efficient.

Click here to learn some tips on Sales insight clean up.

#Bonus one: If everything fails, try to score a reference

If all your efforts fail and you are not able to get a sale don't be disheartened. If you run a good sales cycle, you can still ask them for references. If you have good engagement with your leads they may refer you to others who may be interested in your product/services.

If you want to revive your old leads and improve conversions, we can help you. We specialize in building nurture campaigns, leveraging an omnichannel approach to achieve that. Write to us at to start a discussion on this. 

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