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Vishal Mehta

Jun 29, 2022

‘Cookieless Future’ – How to Market in a World Without Cookies?

While pop culture would have you believe that the cookie monster is a blue, fuzzy, lovable, cookie-devouring, googly-eyed creature on Sesame Street, it is far from the truth. The real cookie monster has been your privacy-threatening, auto-filling, preference-s...

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Vishal Mehta

Sep 25, 2019

(RPA) Robotic Process Automation & Marketing Automation

In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying at the forefront of technology is essential for businesses to thrive. Two game-changing technologies that have revolutionized the way businesses operate are Marketing Automation and Robotic Process Automation....

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Vishal Mehta

Sep 1, 2021

10 Best B2B Ecommerce WordPress Themes

Unlocking Your Business Potential with B2B Ecommerce WordPress Themes In today’s landscape B2B Ecommerce (short, for Business to Business Electronic Commerce) is a game changer that can transform your business. It enables transactions, between businesses...

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Why XML Sitemap Blog Is Important for Your Website

In the world of SEO, Google always wanted to simplify things. XML sitemap is one of those things. A sitemap is the list of all the essential URLs on your website which helps to provide a roadmap for crawlers. It acts as a navigation for the crawlers that helps them to navigate to all your […]

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Unlocking Full Business Potential with AI Chatbots

In today’s business world, it is all about being quick and responsive. With so many messages and communications coming in, it can be tough to keep up. And on top of that, standing out from the competition is a constant struggle. But what if we told you there’s a way to make things easier?  Enter […]

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Top 9 Digital Transformation Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Pacing with the changing technology and customer experience can be exhausting for anyone. But it has never been more crucial to understand where digital transformation is heading when it’s a key component of your organization’s success. As technology evolves and customer expectations change, the solutions that were relevant yesterday might not serve the purpose today. […]

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Why Marketo Is the Premier Choice for Marketing Automation: 5 Reasons to Consider

As businesses of all sizes have come to recognize the value of automation in driving efficiency and revenue growth, the market for marketing automation solutions has grown rapidly in recent years.  According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global marketing automation market is expected to reach $9.5 billion by 2027. And when it comes to […]

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Content Gap Analysis: The Missing Piece of Your SEO Puzzle

Calling all content creators! Are you tired of feeling like you’re shooting content in the dark? Well, put down your content quiver, and let’s talk about a little something called a content gap analysis. Think of it like a game of “Content Tetris” – you want to fit the right content in the right place […]

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Leveraging Middleware Integrations to Elevate the Performance of Your Salesforce Platform

In the fast-paced realm of modern business, staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal – it’s a necessity. For organizations relying on Salesforce as their CRM backbone, the quest for optimal efficiency and performance is perpetual.  That’s where the game-changing concept of middleware integrations enters the scene. Middleware Salesforce integration might be […]

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Choosing the Best Marketing Automation Platform for Your SaaS Business

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is emerging as a more realistic option for businesses looking for accessibility, efficiency, and scalability in a competitive climate. This is why SaaS implementation is snowballing at a swift pace, and more and more organizations are making a move to this industry. According to Gartner, the SaaS industry experienced the largest growth from […]

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15 Essential Marketing Automation KPIs You Must Track to Unlock Business Growth

Marketing automation is only as good as the data you feed your platform with. Tracking the right KPIs is crucial to understand the impact of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions. A marketing automation tool is a powerful source for businesses to streamline and optimize their marketing efforts. However, in order to truly reap the […]

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Unlock the full potential of Salesforce with our Expert Managed Services. Dive in!

When we talk about adaptable and robust business management platforms, Salesforce is the first name that comes to mind. Whether it is about managing customer relationships, promoting digital commerce, managing sales teams, getting analytical support, or providing exceptional customer service, Salesforce has a solution for everything.  However, when a business first transitions into Salesforce, even […]

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