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Vishal Mehta

Jun 29, 2022

‘Cookieless Future’ – How to Market in a World Without Cookies?

While pop culture would have you believe that the cookie monster is a blue, fuzzy, lovable, cookie-devouring, googly-eyed creature on Sesame Street, it is far from the truth. The real cookie monster has been your privacy-threatening, auto-filling, preference-s...

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Vishal Mehta

Sep 25, 2019

(RPA) Robotic Process Automation & Marketing Automation

In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying at the forefront of technology is essential for businesses to thrive. Two game-changing technologies that have revolutionized the way businesses operate are Marketing Automation and Robotic Process Automation....

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Vishal Mehta

Sep 1, 2021

10 Best B2B Ecommerce WordPress Themes

Unlocking Your Business Potential with B2B Ecommerce WordPress Themes In today’s landscape B2B Ecommerce (short, for Business to Business Electronic Commerce) is a game changer that can transform your business. It enables transactions, between businesses...

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A Marketer’s Guide to HubSpot Property Groups

The goal of your marketing software and HubSpot CRM is to take your company to the next level. Setting up custom properties using HubSpot plays an integral role in your business growth. However, if your custom properties are redundant or not set up properly, it can rapidly disturb your sales process, which can impact your […]

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6 Essential Steps to Merge Two Marketo Instances Successfully

The merger or acquisition of a business introduces both opportunities and challenges. It often means making big changes to your IT infrastructure. If you are considering merging your two Marketo instances, you need to understand that it is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution to ensure data integrity and a smooth transition. […]

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Net Revenue Retention (NRR): The Golden Metric for SaaS Companies

The metric to end all other growth metrics is Net Revenue Retention (NRR). SaaS companies swear by this new golden standard. Why? It gauges their growth against the common bugbear that affects their organizational health – churn.  The revenue model of most companies, including SaaS, is not just about a one-off purchase of their product […]

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An Effective Demand Generation Strategy: Using Lead Magnets and Customer Segmentation

Today, one of the biggest challenges for brands is to create demand for their products and services. Due to this, demand generation, commonly referred to as “demand gen,” has gained widespread recognition among both B2B and B2C businesses. However, demand generation is not about forcing your customers or manipulating them into buying things they don’t […]

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12 Customer Success Best Practices to Retain Existing Customers

Remember Icarus—the Greek mythological figure who forgot his father’s advice not to fly too close to the sun? His overconfidence got the better of him, and his literal fall was inevitable as his wax wings melted. Too many SaaS organizations meet the same fate.  They launch a great product, get some solid revenue, and focus […]

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Make Your Marketing Stand Out: Captivate the Holiday Season

Supercharge Your Business, with Festive Marketing Campaigns The season to make your business shine! As an entrepreneur it’s time to seize the opportunities that come with the holiday season. Crafted with precision holiday marketing campaigns are a way to capture your customers’ attention and their wallets during this time of year. These campaigns are tailor […]

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Top 12 Mobile App Development Trends for 2023 and Beyond

What is the one thing that Uber Eats, Netflix, and Zoom have in common? A carefully implemented mobile strategy! Uber Eats or Netflix has changed the way both businesses and consumers see mobile applications. From predictive analysis to simple and clear UI, there is a myriad of things that make these applications our favorites. The […]

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Top E-commerce Trends To Stay Ahead of Your Competition

From its initial spur in the 1970s to when e-commerce website development started in the 1990s or to the expansion of new technologies in 2010 and its ongoing popularity till today, the e-commerce sector has evolved over a lifespan. Though the initial growth started slowly, as we entered the 2000s, avant-garde technologies and innovations made […]

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4 CRO Best Practices to Drive Business Growth

You have optimized your paid ad campaigns, and now they are launched successfully. But they have a high click-through rate, higher bid estimates, and low cost per click. People are visiting your site, but still, your conversion rate is way below your expectations. You again tweak your ads but are still getting the same results. […]

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